Sea of Thieves adventure A Hunter's Cry now live

Heidi Nicholas - August 18th 2022

Sea of Thieves' newest adventure, A Hunter's Cry, is live now, tasking players with rescuing Merrick from the Dark Brethren in the Sea of the Damned.

A Hunter's Cry is live now for Sea of Thieves, and runs for the next two weeks until September 1st. Check out the launch trailer below:

Sea of Thieves begins its next adventure with A Hunter's Cry

"It’s time to swap clues for cannonballs, travel through the nearest archway (with a little help from the Pirate Lord) and take the fight to the Dark Brethren in the Sea of the Damned, says Rare's creative director Mike Chapman. "But pirates will be on the back foot in such strange territory, and Merrick’s captors certainly won’t surrender him without a fight…"

A Hunter's Cry is live until September 1st — will you be taking part? Let us know in the comments!

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