Xbox exclusive Redfall is Arkane's largest game world ever

Luke Albigés - August 18th 2022

Redfall, the upcoming co-op action-RPG from Arkane, took to QuakeCon a little earlier for a developer deep dive, with the team discussing every aspect of the Xbox console exclusive, including its absolutely massive scale.

Arkane Austin's Redfall may have been delayed into 2023, but it's looking better every time we see it... and now, we have an idea of Redfall's epic scale thanks to a developer deep dive video from QuakeCon that describes the open-world adventure as "the studio's most ambitious title yet."

Arkane Austin discusses bringing Redfall to life

Studio director Harvey Smith puts the size of Redfall's massive world into perspective by comparing it to Prey. "I remember early on, there was a moment we were working on district two, which is a little more rural," he says. "Jim McGill took Talos at scale and dropped it in the middle of the farm that's there, and the district just eats the whole space station, of course... it's gigantic." Creative director Ricardo Bare adds that "it was just the size of the actual farm area, and that's just like one mission! That's pretty crazy."

The 22-minute video is a great watch that covers Redfall's world, characters, mechanics, systems, and much more, showcasing some gameplay, concept art, and other behind-the-scenes footage amid the discussion. While Redfall might be absolutely massive, it doesn't sound like we'll be wanting for things to do, with all kind of improvised events lying in wait thanks to the cultists, vampires, and all-powerful vampire gods that call this massive slice of small-town Americana home.

Looking forward to trying out Redfall next year? Interested in seeing how it stacks up to the best games in Xbox Game Pass when it joins the service on day one? Let us know!