Get ready for the TrueAchievements Alphabet Challenge event

Robbie Andrews - August 19th 2022

Another great TrueAchievements community challenge starts next week. Today, we are excited to announce the return of the Alphabet Challenge.

What is the Alphabet Challenge?

The aim of the event is simple. Using the first letter of an achievement name, you have a maximum of 31 days to unlock all 26 letters of the English alphabet in alphabetical order. You can, of course, unlock any achievements between each letter you are going for, but they won't count for a letter later on — they have to be earned in the correct order, all the way from A to Z.

We realise that some letters can be tricky, so this time we've added in the ability to skip letters that are causing trouble. There are 10 skips available in total. However, If you are shooting for the Community Challenge you have to complete the event with 2 or less skips.

The contest begins this coming Monday, August 22nd at 12:00 UTC. To register, all you need to do is head over to the Alphabet Challenge hub and hit the "Register Now" button on the right-hand side of the page.

The event ends on September 22nd at 12:00 UTC. You can register at any time during the event, however, all achievements must be unlocked and scanned in by September 22nd at 12:00 UTC for them to count.

If you are a TrueAchievements Pro Account holder, you can easily prepare for the event by downloading your entire locked achievements list from your My Achievements page.

While the event is running, you'll have a panel on your homepage that shows the current letter you are going for, and a link to view all your locked achievements that start with that particular letter:

Which achievements count?

  • The achievements can be earned online or offline.
  • All game and app achievements and challenges will count.
  • Achievements starting with a special character (such as those with ümlauts or tilde) do not count. Only those in the English alphabet are included.

Is there a prize?

If you manage to complete the challenge and unlock an achievement for all 26 letters in alphabetical order within the 31 days, using no more than 2 skips, you'll be awarded a Community Challenge badge on your TrueAchievements profile.

Useful links

Happy hunting and good luck to everyone that takes part!