Diablo IV won't offer "any pay-for-power options," Blizzard says

Tom West - August 19th 2022

Diablo won't offer "any pay-for-power option," Blizzard has said in a recent development update for the game, as well as uncovering the Season Pass structure.

Blizzard's director of product, Kegan Clark, has unveiled Diablo IV's Season Pass and Shop features, which are set to only offer cosmetic items via transparent purchases, so players know exactly what they're paying for — so don't expect to see any pay-to-win features or loot boxes.

Diablo IV's premium Season Pass will only offer cosmetic items

According to Clark, the scale of Diablo IV's Seasons will be the team's most ambitious attempt at offering seasonal content, and we can expect the game to be supported for "years to come." Each Season will bring "all-new gameplay, quests, challenges, meta changes, and quality-of-life improvements," and everything will be available to all players freely.

Diablo IV will launch with all content for one price for all players, which will include a single Season Pass track that will offer all players gameplay boosts that'll help you level-up seasonal characters. The track will have Premium Tiers for players that would like a chance to unlock a host of cosmetic items, but that's all that will be available in it.

"There will be a single track of rewards with Free Tiers that are unlocked just by playing the game and levelling, Clark says. "And Premium Tiers which provide no in-game power or advantage over other players."

The progress boosters contained in the free Season Pass will last the duration of the current Season, and by the sounds of it, it'll be the only way to earn any form of character-boosting items. The optional Premium track will dish out a form of Premium currency that can be spent in the shop on cosmetic items.

"The way we approached designing the Shop and the cosmetics within it was by thinking about the experience we want players to have. We want buying things to feel good — before, during, and after purchase," Clark says. "So, if players choose to buy something, it should be because they want to, not because they feel like they have to. It should also be clear to players exactly what they are getting before they choose to buy, with no unpleasant surprises."

While many of the premium armours available will look like powerful pieces of gear, none of them will offer any gameplay advantages, apparently. "Our goal is for players to enjoy going to the Shop, buy something when it catches their fancy, and walk away happy with what they bought."

Clark also notes how Diablo IV's shop will aim to be transparent, so it doesn't look like there will be any loot boxes in the game: "It’s important that players know exactly what to expect before making a purchase," Clark explains. "We’ve built preview functionality that enables players to closely examine every detail of the cosmetic on their own characters before deciding to make a purchase."

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