Marvel's Avengers to add The Winter Soldier

Heidi Nicholas - August 19th 2022

The Marvel's Avengers team has shared a look at the game's plans for the near future, which include adding The Winter Soldier as the next playable hero.

First up for Marvel's Avengers is Update 2.6, which is planned for September and adds a new Warzone and hero updates, and which will be followed by more playable content and a new hero: The Winter Soldier.

Marvel's Avengers' Update 2.6 to arrive in September

Update 2.6 will add the No Rest for the Wicked Warzone. "The Scientist Supreme is running out of resources (and clones) and takes further risks to secure AIM’s power," we're told. "Monica has recovered M.O.D.O.K. from the San Francisco Bay with plans to revive him for use as a weapon against the Avengers. Our heroes must put an end to her plans before the mutation-maddened genius returns."

Then after that we'll get AIM's Cloning Lab as an Omega-Level Threat with "endgame content... new gear and an increased power-level cap, as well as the next step in the conflict between AIM and the Avengers." Then we'll see the arrival of The Winter Soldier as a "hybrid brawler and marksman hero."

Will you be hopping back into Marvel's Avengers with the arrival of The Winter Soldier? Let us know in the comments!

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