Saints Row: How to get Pugnus Sanctus Dei

Luke Albigés - August 22nd 2022

Saints Row's Pugnus Sanctus Dei is a unique melee weapon that you'll need in order to unlock the Bonus Round achievement... and fortunately, it's not too difficult to get your hands on it.

Unlocking Pugnus Sanctus Dei in Saints Row simply involves completing one of the sightseeing tour side missions, specifically the one on the mid-west side of the East Providencia district, in the top-left corner of the area's wider lower portion. You need to hit the main information board and four nearby smaller ones, then return to the main board to claim your reward.

Saints Row: Where to get Pugnus Sanctus Dei

Pugnus Sanctus Dei is a special two-handed melee weapon that allows you to dual-wield mechanical boxing gloves. Destroying a vehicle with this weapon will unlock the Bonus Round achievement — a reference to Street Fighter II, where the first bonus round between fights involves smashing up a car.

Bonus Round in Saints Row
Using Pugnus Sanctus Dei will also allow you to progress the dual-wielding challenge before actually unlocking the dual-wielding perk, which typically only applies to pistols and SMGs. This should help you work throuh a few of the other Saints Row achievements as well. Happy punching!

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