Saint Row: Where to find all Collectibles

Luke Albigés - August 22nd 2022

Saints Row's map is packed with collectibles, and some of them are much harder to find than others. Here are the map locations and unlock criteria you'll need to track down the lot...

If you're going for the Saints Row achievements, you'll need to round up most of the collectibles in the game — Finders Keepers only asks you to find five of them, but The Collector tasks you with getting hold of a whopping 85 of these. To unlock a collectible for base decoration, simply pull out your camera with up on the D-pad, get it properly framed, and snap the picture to send the object home.

Collectibles have a slight blue shimmer effect to them, but this can be difficult to spot at times depending on the weather and time of day. Since some of the hints and descriptions in-game for unlocking these can be a little awkward (some even suggest the wrong area!) — and some of the objects can be way larger or smaller than you expect based on the size category the actual decoration goes into when unlocked — we've snapped a bunch of pictures of the objects and map locations for you to hopefully make life easier. In the map images, simply head to the white/purple circle or purple player indicator diamond in the highlighted region and you should hopefully be able to spot the object in the image above. Add it to your collection with a click, and move onto the next one!

Saint Row: All collectible locations
  1. Saints Row: Small collectibles
    1. Anchor Sculpture
    2. Ancient Vase
    3. As Seen On TV Knife
    4. Cabbit
    5. Cactus Flower
    6. Cactus Santa
    7. Centerpiece Bowl
    8. Classy Flamingo
    9. Drug Shipment
    10. Go-Kart Trophy
    11. Golden Shitter
    12. Helm
    13. Hoverboard Trophy
    14. Hummingbird Codex
    15. Marble
    16. Model Plane
    17. Oversized Bullet
    18. Painted Keg
    19. Planet Saints Pedestal
    20. Planetary Model
    21. Poker Chips
    22. Ramparts Plush Toy
    23. Scorpion Statue
    24. Silver Obelisk
    25. Singing Bush
    26. Space Ship
    27. The Great Banana
    28. The Worthy Hammer
    29. Toxic Waste Barrel

  2. Saints Row: Medium collectibles
    1. Bowling Balls and Pin
    2. Brewery Tank
    3. Bronze Arm
    4. Bronze Buffalo
    5. Bronze Feather
    6. Bug Statue
    7. Caca Cabana
    8. Cactus Jack
    9. Carrot Head
    10. Cemetary Angel
    11. City Hall Fountain
    12. Compass
    13. Cow Statue
    14. D20
    15. Doc Ketchum's Horse
    16. Dustlander Throne
    17. Flower Spur Statue
    18. Gas Pump
    19. Gatling Gun
    20. Gold Disc Golf Basket
    21. Golden Armadillo
    22. Golden Helmet Statue
    23. Golden Stag
    24. Golden Urinal
    25. Guitar Guy Statue
    26. Horse Sculpture
    27. I Heart Santo Ileso
    28. Interstellar Phone Booth
    29. Jackalope
    30. Knight
    31. Mechaburger Stand
    32. Metal Jackalope Sculpture
    33. Metal Sun Man Statue
    34. Mine Cart
    35. Nuke Mount
    36. Piano
    37. Saddle Bar Stool
    38. Shoe Light
    39. Space Suit
    40. Swan Float
    41. The Turdis
    42. Topiary Pigs
    43. Train Signal
    44. Training Dummy
    45. Vat of Fabulous
    46. Western Golden Cannon
    47. Wormy Apple

  3. Saints Row: Large collectibles
    1. Atlas Statue
    2. Cactus Cowboy
    3. Captain Eagle Statue
    4. Devil's Egg
    5. Giant Golf Ball
    6. Grisly Bear
    7. Ice Cream Statue
    8. JimRob Statue
    9. KAKTS Radio Tower
    10. Liquor Bottle
    11. Lit Chick
    12. Metal Coyote
    13. Metal Rabbit
    14. Metal Vulture
    15. Novelty Cowboy Hat
    16. Oversized Boot
    17. Owl Windmill
    18. Saint Discordia
    19. Thunderpump Sign
    20. Tirepede
    21. Triceratops Skull
    22. Western Chuckwagon
    23. Windmill

  4. Saints Row: Wall collectibles
    1. Bear Rug
    2. Calico Queen Sign
    3. Campfire Silhouette
    4. Cat Herder
    5. Chalupacabra Sign
    6. El Bar Visual Sign
    7. Fanciful Map
    8. Fox Tails Sign
    9. Joe Cola Sign
    10. Route 66 Sign
    11. Shady Oaks Sign
    12. Sofa King Sign
    13. The Varmint Sign
    14. Tipsy Lizard Sign
    15. Wanted Poster
    16. Wuzyers Repo Yard

Saints Row: Small collectibles

Anchor Sculpture

Ancient Vase

Badlands North. A trucker's double-wide east of the Flats. With the trash by the porch.

As Seen On TV Knife

Complete the mission 'Idol Hands.'


Cactus Flower

Cactus Santa

Centerpiece Bowl

Classy Flamingo

West Providencia. Between the front doors of a small stucco duplex. Number 217. Note: Despite the very obvious clue that even gives a house number, we have been unable to get this one to appear, so it may be bugged.

Drug Shipment

Collect all 125 drug pallets found around the map.

Go-Kart Trophy

Complete all Pony Express missions.

Golden Shitter


Hoverboard Trophy

Complete the Eurekabator criminal venture.

Hummingbird Codex

Complete the mission 'Going Overboard.'


Model Plane

Oversized Bullet

Painted Keg

Planet Saints Pedestal

Complete the Planet Saints criminal venture.

Planetary Model

Poker Chips

Ramparts Plush Toy

Scorpion Statue

Silver Obelisk

Singing Bush

Space Ship

The Great Banana

The Worthy Hammer

Toxic Waste Barrel

Complete the Bright Future criminal venture.
Saints Row: Medium collectibles

Bowling Balls and Pin

Brewery Tank

Bronze Arm

Bronze Buffalo

Bronze Feather

Bug Statue

Caca Cabana

Complete the mission 'Idol Threat.'

Cactus Jack

Complete the mission 'Art Appreciation.'

Carrot Head

Cemetary Angel

City Hall Fountain


Cow Statue

Complete the mission 'Art Appreciation.'


Complete the Castle Kraken criminal venture.

Doc Ketchum's Horse

Complete Boot Hill.

Dustlander Throne

Complete the mission 'Unto the Breach.'

Flower Spur Statue

Complete the mission 'Art Appreciation.'

Gas Pump

Gatling Gun

Complete the mission 'Severance Package.'

Gold Disc Golf Basket

Golden Armadillo

Golden Helmet Statue

Golden Stag

Golden Urinal

Guitar Guy Statue

Horse Sculpture

I Heart Santo Ileso

Interstellar Phone Booth

Complete the Laundromat criminal venture.



Mechaburger Stand

Metal Jackalope Sculpture

Metal Sun Man Statue

Mine Cart

Nuke Mount

Complete the The Big One criminal venture.


Saddle Bar Stool

Shoe Light

Space Suit

Complete the Let's Pretend criminal venture.

Swan Float

The Turdis

Topiary Pigs

Train Signal

Training Dummy

Complete the First Strike Dojo criminal venture.

Vat of Fabulous

Complete the Cutting Edge criminal venture.

Western Golden Cannon

Obtained as part of the mission 'Office Decor' and cannot be missed.

Wormy Apple

Complete the mission 'Art Appreciation.'
Saints Row: Large collectibles

Atlas Statue

Cactus Cowboy

Captain Eagle Statue

Devil's Egg

Unlocks with DLC.

Giant Golf Ball

Grisly Bear

Ice Cream Statue

JimRob Statue

Complete the JimRob's Garage criminal venture.

KAKTS Radio Tower

Complete the KAKTS Radio criminal venture.

Liquor Bottle

West Providencia. On top of El Pequeno Gran Bar. Under the overpass.

Lit Chick

Unlocks with DLC.

Metal Coyote

Metal Rabbit

Metal Vulture

Novelty Cowboy Hat

Oversized Boot

Owl Windmill

Saint Discordia

Complete the mission 'Best Friends Forever.'

Thunderpump Sign


Triceratops Skull

Western Chuckwagon


Saints Row: Wall collectibles

Bear Rug

Calico Queen Sign

Campfire Silhouette

Cat Herder

Chalupacabra Sign

Complete the Chalupacabra criminal venture.

El Bar Visual Sign

Fanciful Map

Fox Tails Sign

Joe Cola Sign

Route 66 Sign

Shady Oaks Sign

Complete the Shady Oaks criminal venture.

Sofa King Sign

The Varmint Sign

Tipsy Lizard Sign

Wanted Poster

Complete all missions in the Wanted app.

Wuzyers Repo Yard

Complete the Wuzyers Repo criminal venture.

Happy hunting!

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