Saints Row: Best skills

Luke Albigés - August 23rd 2022

Saints Row hands you new skills every time you level up, each using a certain amount of Flow to activate. But which are the ones most worth using? Here's a look at the skills we've seen put in most work...

Every time you level up in Saints Row, you'll unlock a new skill. All bar one special skill can be earned by reaching maximum level and unlocking the Took It to The Limit achievement, and levelling up is fairly quick so you'll soon have access to the lot. While there aren't really any skills that are straight-up terrible, some are clearly geared around particular play styles — Berserker almost makes pure melee builds viable, for instance, while Transfusion gives you a method of recovering health without relying on close-range takedowns if you're more of a keep-your-distance player. If you find something not mentioned here that works better with how you play, then great! We're going to focus primarily on skills that can slot into just about any play style (and ignore the passives, since they are always activated once unlocked), though, so have a play with these skills and see which work for you.

Saints Row: Best skills

Pineapple Express: It's crazy to think that the very first skill you unlock is as good as it is, but it will keep putting in work all the way to the end of the game. Being able to instantly take an opponent out of the fight for just one Flow pip would already be great, so the fact that this triggers an explosion — which you can direct — just makes it all the sweeter. Get used to aiming the victim as you grab them, and be sure to lob them into crowds or vehicles for maximum effect. It's cheap enough that you can use it multiple times in quick succession if needed, too.

Quantum Aperture: This is the one skill not learned via level-up, but rather obtained from the Eurekabator criminal venture mission chain, and it's stupidly good. Upon activation, this raises a large high-tech screen which effectively gives you a wallhack to see enemies through solid objects, and you can fire through it to grant your shots a huge damage boost and armour-piercing properties. Pair with a sniper and you can easily take out key threats before they even get into the fight, take out a tank driver through the hull armour, or just safely gun down a room full of goons without even setting foot in the building. Extremely useful, extremely powerful, and absolutely worth its two-pip cost if you can make use of it.

Intercession: Calling in some AI buddies to help you out can be useful, mainly since it gives enemies more targets to worry about and results in you getting shot less, but it can be just as strong offensively if you build around it. Equipping the Nihil Obstat Major perk cause other Saints to do a decent amount of extra damage, plus you can pair this with Transfusion which applies its life-steal effect to all allies, helping to keep the whole crew topped up. This is even more effective if you've already got other Saints fighting with you, as this setup only gets stronger the more allies you have out.

Flaming Punch: This one isn't all that special in regular play, but it's worth a callout for one specific reason — as the only non-lethal melee attack skill, it's the only one that can be used whenever guns are off the table, like in the First Strike Dojo mission chain. It's much stronger than using a lot of the basic melee weapons that questline makes you use, and you likely won't be using Flow for much else, so you might as well make use of a slightly weaker skill like this if it's the only one you're allowed to use!

Quick Draw: Crowd control is always useful, and being able to take up to four weaker enemies out of the fight very quickly makes this gunslinging ability a great pick. This and D4th Blossom sit next to one another in the skills list, and serve similar purposes, but realistically, it's not especially common to hit encounters with enough enemies to make the fancy dual SMG spin-flips worth the additional Flow cost — Quick Draw is usually more than enough to get the job done, and without showing off as much, too!

Proximity Mine: This is probably the best of the throwable skills, with Frag Out often having a really erratic bounce to it that can make it easy to waste, while Impulse Trap is more expensive for an effect that requires even more work to actually finish the job, although it is fun to use. Prox mines can be just as much fun, though, especially if you're creative — stick one on the front of a car and you've got your very own explosive battering ram, for instance, or combine with the Piñata Launcher to lure fools into all kinds of explosions. Another early skill that will last you a long time.

That'll do it... give some of these skills a go and see how you get on. Good luck out there in Santo Ileso!

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