Saints Row guide: All Collectibles, best skills and perks, and more

Luke Albigés - August 23rd 2022

Saints Row has now hit the streets, and since we've already blasted through the crazy open world of Santo Ileso, we though we'd share some of our wisdom based on our time with Volition's new game...

Saints Row is a big ol' game, so anything that might help shave a little time off what will be a pretty long completion will likely be welcome. As such, we're in the process of putting together as much helpful stuff as we can based on our own experiences in Santo Ileso, covering everything from the locations of some of the hard-to-find collectibles to which skills and perks should help you get things done quicker. There's more to come, so watch this space, and we hope this resource helps you out in going for the Saints Row completion!

Saints Row: All collectible locations

Saints Row asks you to find 85 of the 115 collectibles littering the map, and while there are in-game hints and clues as to where to find them, many can be confusing, misleading, or just outright wrong. With pics of what you're looking for and maps of where to find the items, it doesn't get any easier than using our Saints Row collectibles guide.

Saints Row's best perks

While Saints Row is primarily a single-player experience so there's no need for min-maxing, efficient play is still going to get you to the credits and the completion that much quicker, especially in a game this big. Check out this look at what we consider some of the best perks in Saints Row to see if you might be able to give your gang-busting a bit of a boost!

Saints Row's best skills

As with perks, you don't need to worry about perfect play, but the game does offer a lot of fun tools which might help you get the job done better and quicker. If you're struggling to decide what abilities to use, why not check out our round-up of Saints Row's best skills?

How to get Pugnus Sanctus Dei in Saints Row

A rare melee weapon needed to unlock a specific achievement, Pugnus Sanctus Dei is a required find if you're trying to get all of the Saints Row achievements. Find out where to get hold of it here.

Get a tank in Saints Row

Feel like you need a little more firepower on your side? If you're willing to take the fight to the law, it's not too hard to add a shiny new Adversary tank to your garage, even fairly early in the game. Get yourself a tank — all the cool gangs are doing it!

We'll be back with more handy guides soon, but in the meantime, have fun in Santo Ileso, and we hope these articles are helping!

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