The Gap bringing parallel universes and déjà vu to Xbox

Luke Albigés - August 24th 2022

First-person narrative thriller The Gap just got announced for Xbox Series X|S at the Future Games Show, and it looks like it's going to be a wild ride of déjà vu-induced dimension-hopping.

In The Gap, we play neuroscientist Joshua Hayes, who must use a bizarre ability to jump between dimensions to piece together his shattered memories and get his life back. Check out the trailer below to get a better idea of the particular blend of crazy The Gap is going for...

The Gap confirmed for Xbox

"Driven by a rare neurological illness plaguing his family, Joshua has to face the innermost depths of his past - moments both beautiful and painful," explains the game's Steam page. "Exploring parallel realities through déjà vu seems to be the only way he can recover his memories and salvage his life."

No release date was given, but The Gap seems to be a good way along — it was originally announced for PC with a teaser trailer back in late 2018, but now we know it's coming to current-gen consoles as well. Like what you see? Seen it before? Let us know!