Toybox shooter sensation Hypercharge confirmed for Xbox

Luke Albigés - August 24th 2022

Toy-based shooter Hypercharge blew up on PC not so long ago, and the team seems to want to ride that wave — the action figure action game has now been confirmed to be coming to Xbox soon.

Hypercharge is a wave-based shooter you can play in first- or third-person, with the novel hook that it's all action figures and toys — imagine Toy Story with off-brand figures and a lot more explosions and you're on the right track, or even Small Soldiers if you want to go even further back for something a little closer to the mark. If you missed the recent buzz around the game, check it out for yourself in the new trailer below.

Hypercharge confirmed for Xbox

Collecting and battling a variety of action figures across solo and multiplayer modes looks to be a ton of fun and the game has already gone down a storm on PC and Switch. If you're interested in getting involved in the toybox chaos on Xbox, you can sign up to updates on when the Xbox version will be dropping. If you play on PC, there's also a free demo on Steam if you want to try out Hypercharge today and see why it blew up recently.

Planning on adding Hypercharge to your toybox? Let us know!