Disney Dreamlight Valley explores a day in the life-sim

Heidi Nicholas - August 25th 2022

Gamescom 2022 keeps bringing us new looks at upcoming games — this time, we're shown what a day in Disney Dreamlight Valley could be like.

Disney Dreamlight Valley launches in full in 2023, but Xbox Game Pass members can play an Early Access version when it launches this summer. Check out the latest trailer for the life-sim adventure game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gamescom trailer

This trailer gives us a couple useful glimpses of what we'll be up to in Disney Dreamlight Valley, showing off some of the clothing we can pick between and the more hands-on design approach we can take with certain items, as well as how we'll gather resources, how some areas will be closed off until later in the game, some of the items we can craft and place, and how we can apparently move our house around whenever we want.

Disney Dreamlight Valley launches into Early Access on September 6th (when Xbox Game Pass members can try it out), but we should also see it at the Disney and Marvel games showcase a few days later. If you're looking for more to play with Xbox Game Pass, check out our big list of everything confirmed for Xbox Game Pass in 2022 and 2023!

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