No plans for Xbox Series X|S price increase following Sony's PS5 hike

Luke Albigés - August 25th 2022

Sony today announced that it will raise the retail price of the PlayStation 5 in multiple territories due to the "global economic environment," but Microsoft has confirmed that it has no plans to follow suit with Xbox Series X|S.

The PS5 price increase, as reported earlier today by our sister site, TrueTrophies, will see street prices rise across multiple markets — Europe, the UK, Japan, China, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Since Sony announced this price hike, a Microsoft spokesperson has informed Windows Central that there are currently no plans for a similar increase to the cost of getting hold of an Xbox Series X|S.

Microsoft currently has no plans to increase the price of Xbox Series X|S consoles

Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan stated that the price increase is "a necessity given the current global economic environment and its impact on SIE’s business," adding that "our top priority continues to be improving the PS5 supply situation." Microsoft's situation is of course a little different, with Xbox Game Pass seen as its flagship product and playable on all kinds of devices without the need for a console — something that can't be said of most of Sony's key releases until they eventually end up on PC. With inflation riding high and fuel and energy costs continuing to rise, there's nothing to say that an Xbox price hike won't prove necessary down the line, but it's at least somewhat reassuring that there's nothing planned on this front presently.

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