Grounded update adds Shared Worlds, new pet, and more

Heidi Nicholas - August 26th 2022

Grounded's "Home Stretch" update is live now ahead of the game's full launch in September, and adds Shared Worlds, a new gnat pet, the cookery, and more.

Grounded launches in full on September 27th, with the 1.0 release being the "biggest update to the game yet" — first, though, we have the "Home Stretch" update, which went live today.

Grounded's "Home Stretch" update is live now

"The team is hard at work building the final game that a community of over ten million players has helped define over the last two years," says Obsidian's director of communications Mikey Dowling. "While that 1.0 launch will be the biggest update to the game yet, the Home Stretch update brings some major new features of its own for players to try out in the meantime."

The update adds Shared Worlds — players can have three Shared Worlds to own themselves, but up to 50 can be shared with them. They can be stored in the cloud, "allowing friends to play that specific world even if the owner is offline." You can also tame a gnat to be your pet, while "the helpfulness of pets has also increased with tuning of their passive buffs and the ability to increase their health by gearing them up with armour." BURG.L has also been updated to "remember he can roll his treads to inspect the Oak Lab and fulfil his assistant duties."

"Home Stretch" lets you make meals at the cookery, which can be unlocked to craft earlier, while community feedback has also influenced upgrades to armour and weapons — you can use Fashion Nuggets to upgrade armour and Tough Nuggets to upgrade weapons. "This change dramatically improves the early-game experience for new and returning players," Dowling says.

Grounded 1.0 launches on September 27th, and can be played with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, or else bought for $39.99. Have you been waiting for the 1.0 launch? Let us know in the comments!

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