Jump Force achievements updated, still obtainable after server closure

Luke Albigés - August 28th 2022

Jump Force, Bandai Namco's anime fighting game, was delisted from the Xbox store six months ago and the servers shut down last week. However, the team has updated a few achievement requirements to keep them alive.

When the Jump Force servers closed last week, it was expected that some achievements would be discontinued. However, the team has updated the requirements for two achievements, meaning both those and the platinum-style 'unlock all achievements' one should still be obtainable even without the servers in place.

Jump Force achievement requirements changed, completion still possible after server closure

The Battle Begins previously only unlocked upon winning a Ranked match, and with Ranked mode vanishing along with the servers, this has now been updated to also pop after a Quick match or Friendly match win. Challenger, meanwhile, used to unlock for sending ten challenges, functionality also lost with the servers. As per the new description, however, ten battles against invited friends should also unlock the achievement. Finally, the Jump Force achievement for unlocking the others goes unchanged, but will not be discontinued thanks to these other two (and the rest of the list) still being unlockable despite the server closure.

The Battle Begins in Jump Force
Challenger in Jump Force
Jump Force in Jump Force
It's great to see more developers keep their achievement lists alive like this, so kudos to the team. What other games and studios should follow suit? Will these changes mean that the Jump Force completion might make it onto your card after all? Let us know!

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