Wild Arms & Shadow Hearts devs launch dual Kickstarter with Xbox goals

Luke Albigés - August 29th 2022

Key devs behind cult JRPGs Shadow Hearts and Wild Arms have launched a dual Kickstarter campaign to bring a pair of spiritual successors to life, and they'll be coming to Xbox if the teams can secure enough funding.

A new Kickstarter campaign sees Wild Bunch Productions teaming up with Yukikaze — a pair of new studios that play host to key original developers on the Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts series respectively — to crowd-fund spiritual successors to those classic JRPG favourites with Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood.

JRPG veterans take to Kickstarter to create spiritual successors to cult games

The two-game Kickstarter campaign is looking to raise $750,000 total across the two games, and funding for both will be considered complete upon reaching that goal. While the campaign is primarily for PC versions of the game, higher targets will also see the pair of new RPGs come to consoles. "If our console stretch goal is reached, then we will release both games on current gen hardware (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC)," explains the Kickstarter page, and it's a pretty safe bet that this duo will smash its initial goal — the Suikoden-inspired Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes generated almost $3.5 million on its own during its time on Kickstarter, and we'd be surprised if this one can't meet or even exceed that total. If you're looking forward to Eiyuden Chronicle but didn't back it, fear not — it's coming to Xbox Game Pass when it launches next year.

Armed Fantasia is set to follow in Wild Arms' bootprints as a Steampunk wild west fantasy adventure, while the darker Penny Blood will channel Shadow Hearts with a globe-trotting Gothic RPG set against a 1920s backdrop. Both games should look and feel instantly familiar to fans of either classic franchise both visually and mechanically, with Armed Fantasia still using a hybrid tactics/turn-based combat system, whereas Penny Blood incorporates skill-based elements into its turn-based battles, just like Shadow Hearts did with its Judgement Ring system.

Will you be throwing money at this campaign to help these follow-ups to Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts find their way onto Xbox? Let us know!

Thanks to DariusDaSnep for this news suggestion.