Immortality review round-up

Heidi Nicholas - August 30th 2022

Sam Barlow and Half Mermaid's interactive visual novel Immortality launches into Xbox Game Pass today — check out what's being said...

Actress Marissa Marcel made three movies. She then disappeared, and those three movies were never released. In Immortality, we look through footage from those three movies to try to work out what happened to Marissa. Judging from these reviews, Immortality's mystery is ticking all the right boxes. Check out what's being said about Immortality...

Immortality review round-up

  • Edge magazine: 10/10 "For all the delicious brain food it serves up, this astonishing game — a new high bar for creator and genre — never stops reminding you of the human beings at the heart of the moviemaking process, and the very real cost of their art."
  • Destructoid: 9/10 "From big revelations to little moments that just build on the life and times of Marissa Marcel, these scenes are going to stick with me for a while, living on. Immortalised."
  • PC Gamer: 95/100 "Immortality is Sam Barlow's best, most thought-provoking game yet, and a barnstorming debut for Half Mermaid."
  • GamesRadar: 4.5/5 "Sam Barlow has somehow done it again, raising the bar for the FMV/interactive movie genre once more. Immortality is yet another masterpiece of storytelling."
  • IGN: 8/10 "Despite some shallow search tools, Immortality is a thoroughly mesmerizing mystery and one of the most surprising video game stories of 2022."
  • Polygon: No score. "I take my hat off to Immortality for how insidiously it deconstructs our collective expectations about the all-important conclusion."

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