Immortality update fixes unobtainable Xbox achievement

Sean Carey - September 8th 2022

A new update has rolled out for Sam Barlow's Xbox Game Pass hit Immortality that fixes the unobtainable Another Reality achievement.

Developer Half Mermaid has released a new patch for Immortality that makes a few fixes and updates the Another Reality achievement to make it unlockable. Players can now unlock all 27 Immortality achievements and earn themselves 1,000G.

The Another Reality achievement in Immortality can now be unlocked

As announced on Twitter, version of Immortality is available to download now. The new version fixes an occasional freeze when reaching the credits, the press any key issue on PC, and the Another Reality achievement. This achievement (warning, mild spoilers ahead if you haven't played the game) is unlocked for finding and viewing all the subverted footage hidden within the various movie clips in Immortality.

Another Reality in Immortality
Since the update went live, we can see that numerous TrueAchievements users have unlocked the achievement, so we can confirm that it is now popping correctly. As others in the comments have noted, the achievement is a bit finicky, so be sure to check out A Krayt Dragon's Another Reality achievement guide.

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