New Battlefield campaign coming from Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto

Sean Carey - September 9th 2022

Publisher EA has announced that a brand-new Battlefield campaign, from Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, is currently in development at a new Seattle-based studio named Ridgeline Games.

As per a statement from Battlefield general manager Byron Beede, Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto is heading up the newly formed Ridgeline Games to develop a new narrative campaign for the FPS series.

"Marcus will bring his long legacy of creating fascinating worlds and gripping narratives to Battlefield," Beede said. "Backed by a world-class team, he’ll be leading the charge to develop a narrative campaign set in the Battlefield universe that will engage fans in new and exciting ways while remaining true to the classic elements of the series."

Lehto, who joined EA as a game director in October last year, said, "It is a great honour to have the opportunity to collaborate with DICE and Ripple Effect and lead the charge on expanding the narrative, storytelling, and character development opportunities in the Battlefield series."

Is the new Battlefield narrative campaign a part of Battlefield 2042?

Shortly after the announcement, the official Battlefield Twitter account clarified that the new narrative campaign from Ridgeline Games was not a part of Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield's new single-player campaign was actually leaked in a job listing earlier this year. EA was looking to hire a design director who will "orchestrate the mission design, narrative, game mechanics, and systems to create the highest quality experience possible" and "embrace the core tenets of the Battlefield franchise and make sure they are woven through all layers of a masterfully designed single-player campaign."

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