Assassin's Creed remake rumours shut down by Ubisoft

Sean Carey - September 12th 2022

Ubisoft has shut down rumours surrounding a potential remake or remaster of the original Assassin's Creed, which first launched in 2007 on the Xbox 360.

Leading up to the recent Ubisoft Forward, which gave us news on Assassin's Creed Mirage, a new Assassin's Creed set in Japan, and details on Assassin's Creed Vallhalla's final DLC, rumours began to swirl about a possible remake of the first Assassin's Creed game. Now, two Ubisoft developers have set the record straight, saying an Assassin's Creed remake is not in the works.

Assassin's Creed remake not in development, confirms Ubisoft

When asked about a possible remake or remaster of Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed Mirage art director Jean-Luc Sala said to Eurogamer: "Yeah that's not what we're doing. I'm fully dedicated to Mirage, and I can tell you we are not remaking AC1."

To drive that nail further into the Assassin's Creed remake coffin, series executive producer Marc-Alexis Côté confirmed to Axios that a remake is not in development.

Would you like to see Ubisoft revisit Assassin's Creed for a remake or remaster? Would you really put yourself through finding and collecting all of those flags again? Sound off down in the comments.

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