Isonzo Xbox achievements now live

Rich Stone - September 13th 2022

We have just picked up the Isonzo achievement list.

There are 45 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Name Description Gamerscore
Peak Performance Complete a "Dolomite" offensive, participating in each battle 20
Tutti Eroi! Successfully retreat as a Defender after losing the Contested Sector 20
Avanti Savoia! Build a Forward Post 20
Can I Go Home Now? Complete all achievements 50
Donatello Earn 15 Bronze Medals 20
Silver Lining Earn 20 Silver Medals 30
Aurelio Baruzzi Earn 15 Gold Medals 40
Cercatore d'Oro Earn all of the Gold Medals 40
Veni Vidi Vici Complete a "6th Battle of the Isonzo" offensive, participating in each battle 20
Conrad von Hotzensocks Complete a "Strafexpedition" offensive, participating in each battle 20
The Lion of the Isonzo Win 10 matches as an Attacker 20
Ragazzi del '99 Win 10 matches as a Defender 20
Gabriele D'Annunzio Participate in triggering overtime 20
Mamma Mia! Reach level 10 for a class 20
Die Bosniaken Kommen! Reach max level for a class 20
The Enlightment Shoot and kill an enemy with a Flare Gun 20
Malpractice Get 25 kills with a shovel or bandages 20
12th Bottle of the Isonzo Kill 12 enemies while under effect of the Canteen in a round 20
Uomo Universale In one life, get points for building, combat, destruction and healing 20
Thus With A Kiss Get a gas kill while you're inside the poisoned area yourself 20
Machiavelli As an Italian, destroy the enemy Forward Post before a friendly Forward Post is built in that sector 20
Tosca Kill yourself with your own planted dynamite on an objective 20
The Devil's Paintbrush Kill 20 enemies using HMGs in one life as a Defender 20
Drop and Give Me 20 Kill 20 enemies using Mortars in one life as an Attacker 20
Dante's Inferno Kill 5 or more players with one Mortar or Mountain gun shot 20
Compagnia della Morte Sabotage 5 enemy barbed wires in one life 20
Rome Wasn't Built In A Day Sabotage 5 enemy Forward Posts in a match 20
"O La Vittoria, O Tutti Accoppati" Plant dynamite and destroy an Objective 3 times in a match 20
Saboteur Defuse dynamite planted on an Objective 15 times 20
Shaken, Not Stirred Kill 15 enemies while being suppressed (shaken by artillery fire) 20
Decimation Kill at least 5 enemies while inside of an enemy-controlled capture zone in one life 20
"Sacro Egoismo" Complete all of the Class Challenges 20
Soča Drag Kill 20 enemies that are wading in the Isonzo river 20
Generalisimo Kill 50 enemies using the Officer call-ins in a match 20
You Shall Not Pass Win a match as a defender without letting the attackers progress past the first sector 20
Farewell to Arms Dismember 10 enemy soldiers with a melee weapon 20
The Italian Job Headshot 5 enemies without dying 20
Millenial Reach 2000 kills 30
Insubordination Kill the enemy officer 5 times in a match 20
Seeing Red Get 5 kills, while bleeding severely, before you bleed out 20
I Have the High Ground Kill a player while 75 meters or more above them 20
Ponte of No Return Blow up a bridge as a defender 20
Luigi Cadorna Have 25 friendly casualties near command orders that are placed near objectives 20
Dirty Dozen Play 12 full offensives 30
The Show Must Go On As an officer, use the whistle while being inside of a gas cloud 20
Isonzo is developed by Blackmill Games and published by M2H, and is releasing today.Track My Progress in Isonzo