Call of Duty bans 500,000 "toxic users"

Heidi Nicholas - September 15th 2022

The Call of Duty team has banned 500,000 players in an effort to "remove toxic users." Its commitment to "combat toxic behaviour" also includes renamed accounts and new technology to filter for offensive language.

The Call of Duty team has outlined its efforts to "combat toxic behaviour," including a new Code of Conduct for the Call of Duty series.

500,000 Call of Duty accounts have been banned

"We know addressing toxicity requires a 24/7 sustained effort. Since our last Call of Duty community update, our enforcement and anti-toxicity teams have continued to progress, including scrubbing our global player database to remove toxic users," the Call of Duty team says.

As a result, 500,000 accounts have been banned and 300,000 accounts have been renamed after the introduction of "automated filtering systems" which help to sort through text chat and account names. "In part, due to these efforts, we have seen a more than 55% drop in the number of offensive username and clan tags reports from our players, year-over-year, in the month of August alone in Call of Duty: Warzone," the post continues.

A new Code of Conduct has also been outlined, which is made up of three key elements: treat everyone with respect, compete with integrity, and stay vigilant. "As part of this initiative, players will be presented and asked to acknowledge the new Code of Conduct in-game beginning with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Open Beta."

In other Call of Duty news, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan recently responded to Microsoft's offer to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation for three extra years beyond the current agreement, calling it "inadequate on many levels."

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