Xbox Game Pass loses a quick completion and 11 more games soon

Sean Carey - September 17th 2022

Xbox Game Pass is set to lose 12 games soon, including Subnautica: Below Zero, Dirt 4, Slime Rancher, Lemnis Gate, and a quick completion.

Microsoft has now confirmed the next batch of games that will soon drop out of Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. A total of 12 games will leave the service, including an Xbox Game Pass quick completion. A removal date hasn't been given, but we imagine they will likely leave on or around the 30th, though it's expected Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally will leave EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on October 3rd, when servers for both games will close.

Games leaving Xbox Game Pass on September 30th

If you're looking for some easy Gamerscore and a decent game to play before it disappears from Game Pass, you'll want to check out The Procession to Calvary, which can be completed in around two hours using our The Procession to Calvary walkthrough. In terms of longer completions that you may want to prioritise, Dirt 4, Dirt Rally, and Lemnis Gate all have completion estimates of 60-80 hours. Subnautica: Below Zero did support console commands, but it appears they have been patched out. However, they may still work using Xbox Cloud Gaming.

As for Windows stacks, you only have the Lemis Gate (Windows) to worry about.

Do you need to return to any of these games to mop up any achievements? Let us know down in the comments!