Session: Skate Sim Xbox achievements now live

Rich Stone - September 22nd 2022

We have just picked up the Session: Skate Sim achievement list.

There are 48 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Name Description Gamerscore
Squad goals Complete all the pros challenges (All pro story arcs) 50
Ultimate skate nerd Complete all historical challenges 50
That's how it's done! Reach Pro status with “Manual” catch ON (From 1st quest to Pro) 100
Bing Bong! Complete all the historical challenges in NYC 100
Loves You Back Complete all the historical challenges in Philadelphia 50
Golden! Complete all the historical challenges in San Francisco 20
Many plys later... Slide / Grind for a total of [42] Km 20
You're free now! Complete the tutorial 10
Welcome to the family Reach Shop sponsored status 10
Go with the Flow Reach Flow status 20
Keep the dream alive Reach Am status 20
Fulfilled the dream Reach Pro status 50
That was wheelie fun Manual for a total of [21] km 15
DIY Boss Completed all RIBS MAN missions 15
G'Day Mate! Complete all Dane Burman missions 15
G.O.A.T. status Complete all Daewon Song missions 15
NAHELL! Complete all Antiferg missions 15
Globetrotter Complete all Annie Guglia missions 15
Manny Destroys All Complete all Manny Santiago missions 15
Renaissance man Complete all Torey Pudwill missions 15
Prince of Philly Complete all Jahmir Brown missions 15
Trick shot marksman Complete all Billy Marks missions 15
Finally he zips it Complete all Donovan Strain missions 15
Good vibes Complete all Mark Appleyard missions 15
Commence the Hijinx! Complete all Beagle missions 15
Tank commander Complete all Louie Barletta missions 15
Sup widdit big dog! Complete all Ryan Thompson missions 15
Purple passion Complete all Nora Vasconcellos missions 15
Lines for days Complete all Samaria Brevard missions 15
Hoarder Buy [20] DIY items from the shop 15
Pew-Pew Perform [500] Laser Flips 15
We get it, you're good Perform [500] Inward Heelflips 15
Keeping it classy Perform [1001] Kickflips 15
The finer things in life Perform [1001] Heelflips 15
The flip trick crown jewel Perform [500] 360 Flips 15
The hard way Perform [500] Hardflips 15
Dipped! Perform [500] Smith grinds 15
Skatepark hero Perform [500] Feebles 15
Cross lock country Perform [500] 50-50 15
That pinch! Perform [500] Crooked grinds 15
Laid back Perform [500] Tailslides 10
Upfront shredder Perform [500] Noseslides 10
Cops called! Perform [500] 5-0 grinds 10
Plastic Surgeon Perform [500] Nose grinds 10
Bottom ply killer Perform [500] Boardslides 10
Tight lipslides Perform [500] Lipslides 10
Fashionista Buy [5] customised items at the shop 10
Backpacker Visit all cities apartments (HUB) 10
Made by and for skaters, the dual stick controls faithfully reproduce your feet on the skateboard for an ultra-realistic experience. Try out real-life iconic skate spots, customise your skater and equipment with items from the top brands
Session: Skate Sim is developed by crea-ture Studios and published by Nacon, and is part of the ID@Xbox and Game Preview Program and programs.

Session: Skate Sim is releasing today.

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