TA Playlist game for October 2022 announced

The TA Playlist Team - September 28th 2022

Welcome back to another month of the TA Playlist! We hope you're having a good time taking over Steelport from your rival gangs in Saints Row: The Third, but now that September is drawing to a close, it’s time to announce the winner of October’s TA Playlist poll.

We felt it was time to have another second-chance month, offering up a few games that fell short of being picked for the TA Playlist the first time they were nominated. Since it’s October, though, we thought we’d give this second-chance month a bit of a horror-themed twist, resulting in “Back from the Dead” – resurrecting four previous nominees with “Dead” in their titles for another shot at Playlist glory. After a very close race, the “dead” game that rose from the grave and lurched across the finish line was the tropical zombie apocalypse action-horror title, Dead Island Definitive Edition.

Developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver, Dead Island was originally released for the Xbox 360 in September 2011, followed by a remastered version with all DLC releasing in May 2016.

The story takes place on a lush tropical resort destination called Banoi, off the coast of Papua New Guinea. After a high-profile party at the luxurious Royal Palms Resort, the four main characters are woken by an emergency message telling everyone to evacuate the island, which has been overtaken by plague-ridden flesh-eating creatures. You seem to be immune to the zombie infection, which means you’re best suited to leaving the shelter in order to scavenge food and supplies, but you’re not invulnerable to simply being torn to shreds and eaten. Can you help the survivors to navigate and escape the island?

Dead Island is classified as an open-world action-horror-RPG and currently has a respectable 3.78/5.0 rating, according to TA users. It can be played solo or co-op, with up to four players taking on the roles of the four main characters as you search for a cure or a way off the island. While the main story should take less than 20 hours, site estimates say it could take 50-60 hours to earn all 58 achievements, most of which are either story-related or are awarded for killing a certain number of zombies with different types of weapons. However, there are a number of multiplayer achievements tied to the Bloodbath Arena DLC (included in the Definitive Edition) and for playing co-op in the main game, so hopefully, this month will be a good time for Playlisters to set up some sessions and knock those out together.

It was another very close vote, with a three-way tie for first place just a few days ago. Dead Cells and Dead Rising 3 each held the lead at various times, with Left 4 Dead 2 always lurking just a little further behind. Thanks to a late surge in votes, though, Dead Island shambled to the front of the pack to take the win.

As always, earning an achievement in any version of the game (including the Japanese stack of the 360 edition) will count towards this month’s Playlist participation badge, as will posting in one of the dedicated threads in either the Spoiler or Spoiler-free discussion forum threads, which will be generated at the beginning of the month. Head over to the TA Playlist Hub and tell us about your fight for survival on Dead Island!