The Callisto Protocol gore: "We wanted to be as realistic as we could"

Tom West - September 28th 2022

The Callisto Protocol developer, Striking Distance Studios, referenced medical journals on limb dismemberment and human mutations to ensure its upcoming horror is as "realistic" as possible.

Our recent chat with Striking Distance Studios' chief technical officer Mark James covered many aspects of the studio's cosmic horror game, The Callisto Protocol, such as how Xbox Game Pass isn't the right financial model for the single-player game, as well as how it's been left expandable for future DLC. The same conversation, though, discussed the developer's hopes for a realistic experience in the way The Callisto Protocol handles gore and mutations.

The Callisto Protocol gameplay trailer

"You can be very analytical about it — there’s a lot of medical research journals you can happily look up about how limbs are dismembered and there are studies on how this happens," James said. "We wanted to be as realistic as we could in the way this happens." James explained that The Callisto Protocol's gore system is built on three pieces of technology: dismemberment, "chunking," and blood. Dismemberment focuses on how limbs and body parts are removed, while the blood technology handles how it moves and behaves, such as splattering and puddling. Chunking, though, handles "the way that individual pieces of flesh behave outside of those larger things," James said. "So we researched each one of these as subjects, and then we worked on the way they interact with each other and that's why when you see something in our game it feels very grounded and realistic."
"There are studies on physical mutations, so the way our characters mutate is the way you would expect a human being to mutate."
Of course, while the team has focused on a more realistic approach for The Callisto Protocol's horror elements, it's not without a sprinkling of added flare. "Obviously, we kind of up that to eleven, much like in the way a gunshot in movies is represented — a gunshot in real life doesn't do that type of damage," James said. "So, we kind of really push it up but everything's based on how the body behaves with these types of wounds and effects."

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