Here are the Eville Xbox achievements

Rich Stone - September 29th 2022

We have just picked up the Eville achievement list.

There are 42 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Name Description Gamerscore
Deadly Mix Kill a player with a poison potion. 15
Advanced Potion Making Craft 25 potions. 30
Self-made Doctor Cure a poisoned player at 50% or less health. 15
Protect the Mayor! Protect the Mayor with a protection potion. 15
Veins of steel Survive an attack after you drank a protection potion. 15
It's a start Win 5 games of Eville. 10
Proving yourself Win 25 games of Eville. 30
Now it's just showing off Win 100 games of Eville. 90
The Eville inside Win as a Conspirator and get at least 2 kills. 15
Phew! Barely survive the vote with a tie. 15
Protector of Eville Win as a Villager and help vote out a Conspirator. 15
Eville isn't big enough for us all Successfully vote out an innocent player as a Conspirator. 15
Eville Expert Win with every role. 90
The neutral one Win as a neutral role. 15
Wake-up call Get woken up by your trip wire and survive. 15
Haunted House Wake up a player as a ghost. 15
Help from the Endless Mists Win the game by turning in a quest as a ghost. 30
Invisibility Shroud Turn a fellow conspirator invisible and have them get a kill. 15
Ghostaholic Complete 100 quests as a ghost. 15
Wolf of Eville Street Earn 5000 crowns just by completing quests. 30
Gotcha! Kill a Conspirator with your traps as a Trapper 15
Swiss Cheese Win 5 games as a Trapper. 30
Stick 'em with the pointy end! Get summoned as a guard and kill a conspirator. 15
A true guardian Win 5 games as a Guard. 30
It wasn't me As a Slanderer morph into another player and assassinate a player. 15
Lord of Lies Win 5 games as a Slanderer. 30
Noisy Kill As a Barbarian use your shout on a player and kill them while they are slowed. 15
Massacre Win 5 games as a Barbarian. 30
Preparation is key As a Smuggler use up all your bombs before the first night starts. 15
Tunnel Rat Win 5 games as a Smuggler. 30
This is mine As a Thief pickpocket 5 times in one game and survive until the end. 15
Master Thief Win 5 games as a Thief. 30
We do what I say! As a Mayor decide a tied vote. 15
Balance of Power Win 5 games as a Mayor. 30
Sneaky Detective As a Detective stumple upon a Conspirator at night and see their true identity. 15
200 IQ Deduction Win 5 games as a Detective. 30
Close Call As a Medic heal a poisoned player who is below 10% of their health. 15
Philanthrope Win 5 games as a Medic. 30
First Responder As a Ghost Whisperer find and report 3 bodies in a game. 15
World Class Whisperer Win 5 games as a Ghost Whisperer. 30
I'm watching you! As a Seer Track a Conspirator and vote them out on the next day 15
Wallhacker Win 5 games as a Seer. 30
In this multiplayer social deduction game you can live out your evil side and commit stealthy murders. As a villager, you must unmask the conspirators before you get an axe to your face! No matter what: you will need your social skills to stay alive!
Eville is developed by VestGames and published by Versus Evil, and is part of the ID@Xbox program.

Eville is scheduled to be released on October 11th, 2022.

The game is available via Xbox Game Pass.

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