The Last Oricru Xbox achievement list revealed

Rich Stone - September 29th 2022

We have just picked up the The Last Oricru achievement list.

There are 31 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Name Description Gamerscore
Good Guard You reported the lightning rod at the Monastery and became one of the loyal Queen's Guards. 20
Apt Apprentice You helped Tobias escape the Monastery prison and he has accepted you as his apprentice. 10
Righteous Ratvenger You avenged the crimes against the ratinity by killing Tobias on Gok's request at the Monastery. 10
Raging Ratvolutionary You found a pack of brathers who accepted you as one of their own. Respect the Ratvolution! 10
Ardent Avenger You avenged all the Naboru killed in the previous ratkin uprising by executing the captive ratkin. 5
Swordplay Sensation You defeated Marco in your first duel, against all odds. Rough beginning to a wonderful friendship. 35
Stealthy Shadow You managed to hide the lightning rod, saving the Keepers from Her Majesty's wrath. For some time. 20
Topsy-Turvy Turncoat You had second thoughts again, and betrayed poor old Regulus instead of killing Her Majesty. 20
Bone Bearer You gave Paak the cadaver of Bufus, so he could get the praise he deserved for his heroic feats. 10
Hard-Headed Hitman You assassinated the Queen in cold blood. It was nothing personal, though. 10
Fabulous Finisher You made it to the very end of the game! Well done. May you ascend in tots. 200
Royal Rake You stood by Hadriana's side all the way to the romantic, pragmatic royal wedding. Congratulations! 35
Passionate Peacemaker You reunited the whole of Wardenia and brought peace to Naboru and ratkins alike! 50
Covetous Cop You took the bribe from Ilvar and let his crimes against The Naboru Empire slide. Cunning! 20
Commited Cop You ignored Ilvar's bribes and handed him over to the Naboru. Justice, thy name is Silver! 35
Rat-Wisdom Rejector You executed Ilvar's orders and killed Yosi. So much for that new-agey non-violence bullcrap! 20
Revenge Raider You let Gok and your Ratvolutionary brathers ransack the holy Citadel of the Naboru. Such fun! 35
Resolved Renegade You rejected Grachus's offer and stood firm in supporting the Ratvolution. Respect! 50
Ratvolution Rat You ratted on your furkin brathers to Grachus, so they could be slaughtered by the Naboru army. 50
Benevolent Broken You decided to break the shackles of Ilvar's command and did not execute Her Majesty. Nice! 20
Marco's Matchmaker You gave Marco the general's head and orchestrated his marriage with Hadriana. Majestic matchmaking! 40
Brian's Best Buddy You showed Brian that you mean only well for the mission and for the Naboru Empire. Good job! 40
Petra's Pal Your devotion to the ratkins' well-being melted Petra's heart. She is now your faithful friend! 40
Patriarchal Patronizer You turned the other cheek and released Maltis from Ilvar's prison. How big of you! 20
Sluggish Spy You asked Ilvar to help find the compromising letters between Grachus and Regulus. Oh, the irony! 15
Refugee Rescuer You saved the Naboru refugees from the wrath of grandmother Gyung. Peace still stands a chance! 50
Gory Gift-Bringer You gave Draap's head to Yosi to bring peace to all the ratkins of Wardenia. How spiritual of you! 35
Self-Seeking Savior You decided to spare Ilvar's life. Maybe he planned for that, too, but he might prove useful later. 20
Alien Ally You formed an unlikely alliance with Ilvar's hench-alien Zarath. You two were made for each other! 35
Sympathetic Samaritan You didn't back away from the heavy lifting at the Bridge and got Ilvar back to safety. Fattastic! 35
Tobias's Therapist You discovered why Tobias hates the ratkins—they've eaten his niece! Or at least he says so… 5
The Last Oricru is an action RPG with a strong emphasis on storytelling, player choices and challenging (coop or single player) fights. The player awakens in a sci-fi medieval world on the brink of a war and starts influencing the destiny of the whole world. Game is designed as both single-player and a co-op experience.
The Last Oricru is developed by GoldKnights and published by Prime Matter, and is scheduled to be released on October 13th, 2022.Track My Progress in The Last Oricru