TrueAchievements' latest Community Event is Leap Frog and it starts on Monday

Robbie Andrews - September 30th 2022

It's time to bring back a classic Community Event - welcome to Leap Frog 2022!

What is Leap Frog?

Leap Frog is a simple period-based achievement-unlocking contest.

The contest will begin at 12:00 UTC on Monday October 3rd, but registration is already live.

In order to register all you need to do is head over to the Leap Frog 2022 Hub, and hit the "Register Now" button.

Once registered, the goal of the contest is simple; you need to earn at least one achievement of at least the target TrueAchievement score before each 24-hour time period ends. At the end of each period, the target TrueAchievement score will increase by five. On day one, the required score will be five, day two will be ten, day three will be fifteen and so on. Failure to earn an achievement with the target TrueAchievement score in the 24-hour time period will result in elimination from the competition, and we'll keep going until one gamer is crowned the Leap Frog winner!

You'll get a panel on your homepage to show you the target TrueAchievement you need each day, and it will go green once you're safe.


Anyone that reaches day 16 (i.e. completes day 15) will get an extra community challenge badge rank, and the overall winner will receive one week of TrueAchievements Pro for every day they survive in the contest.

Entry Requirements

This contest is open to TrueAchievements members with GamerScore greater than or equal to 10,000GS, who have been a member of the site for at least 3 months, and who have full tracking privileges. A loss of tracking privileges on TA will result in elimination from the contest.