Temtem has now reached one million players

Heidi Nicholas - September 30th 2022

Temtem ended its stint in early access when it launched in full earlier this month, and the devs are now celebrating the fact that the game has reached one million players.

Pokémon-alike creature-catching MMO Temtem launched in full on September 6th, with the devs confirming the game has reached a new milestone with its player count.

Temtem has reached one million players

"We have a very special announcement to make today: we've reached one million total users in Temtem," the devs say. "You made this possible, so thank you so much! We'll keep working hard to offer you an even better game. Thank you for playing, and Temtem up!"

If you're not too sure about Temtem yet but are looking for something in the creature-catching, monster-raising area, we've also put together a list of some other Xbox games like Pokémon that are super effective!

So far, just one TrueAchievements member has completed the game, with an impressive time played of over 246 hours. Have you been playing Temtem? What do you think so far? Let us know in the comments!

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