Steelrising gets achievement fixes and allows unlocks with Assist mode

Heidi Nicholas - September 30th 2022

Steelrising's latest patch is here — along with New Game Plus, the patch also fixes several achievements; it also now allows you to unlock achievements using the Assist mode, and should retroactively unlock any earned that way.

Steelrising's New Game Plus patch is live now, with new content, fixes for a number of achievements, and more.

Steelrising patch brings achievement fixes

The patch brings fixes for a number of the 49 Steelrising achievements: players can now get the Fashion Victim achievement, while the (secret) Stabiliser achievement has also been fixed. In addition, "using the Assist mode won’t prevent you from unlocking achievements anymore, and they will be credited retroactively, should you have met the necessary conditions to do so."

Fashion victim in Steelrising
Stabiliser in Steelrising
The patch notes also outline some new content available with New Game Plus, including weapons, an outfit, and enemy variations. The patch also brings fixes for a number of reported issues.

Have any of these Steelrising achievements been holding you up? Pleased to see some fixes? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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