PC Game Pass title Vampire Survivors gets v1.0 release date

Heidi Nicholas - September 30th 2022

We now have an October release date for v1.0 of Vampire Survivors, which will "mark the completion of the main content for the game."

v1.0 of Vampire Survivors, which is currently available with PC Game Pass through Game Preview, launches on October 20th, as confirmed by developer and publisher Poncle.

Vampire Survivors v1.0 launches on October 20th

"v1.0 will mark the completion of the main content for the game," Poncle says. "Since the Roadmap has been completed with patch 0.11.3, all the content that will be added in v1.0 is a surprise and should hopefully offer a little something for everyone."

As confirmed previously, Vampire Survivor achievements should arrive with v1.0 too. Nor does support for the game end with v1.0 either; "a lot more surprises are in the works. A LOT."

If you haven't yet given it a go, Vampire Survivors is a horror "time survival" game with rogue-lite aspects where you try to survive and gain as much gold as possible before succumbing to death. It's already got an "overwhelmingly positive" rating on Steam, but whether or not Vampire Survivors sounds like your kind of thing, don't forget to check our list of everything coming to Game Pass in 2022 and beyond to see what else is on the way!

Have you been playing Vampire Survivors already, or waiting for v1.0? Let us know in the comments!