Site leaderboards - rewritten

Rich Stone - June 20th 2009

Good morning TA'ers!

I took the opportunity while xbox live was down to look at way of speeding up certain things on the site.

One of those things was the Site Leaderboards. If you clicked on these they could be incredibly slow - there's 40,000 gamers to calculate scores for, then order, then bring all that data back to the website, before finally showing the correct batch to you for the page you were on.

I realised that this could be speeded up, I won't bore you with the techincal details, but they are now pretty turbo'd up.

I know I didn't used to look at them that often, but now I have no fear of having to wait for ages I've started looking at them regularly!

So why not take a look at where you sit in the various leaderboards? You can also choose just to see your friends by clicking on the friends icons.