Gamer Goals v2

Rich Stone - June 25th 2009

I promised that more Goal Types would be coming soon - well here they are!

You can now set up Value or Rival targets for Achievement Completion Percentage (woohoo!), Retail and Arcade TrueAchievement scores, TrueAchievement Ratio and Completed Games.

Most of these are dependent on whether you count DLC as part of the game, so you can choose this when you set up the goal.

It's been quite hard for me to test all of these, so there may be a couple of teething problems, but I'll fix anything that crops up as soon as I can.

Moving on....

Over the past few weeks we have noticed a marked increase in the amount of spam/useless posts being made in the forums and we won’t allow this trend to continue.

The rules clearly state:
"Please refrain from posting worthless threads/posts as well as one word posts. If you have nothing to add to the debate then don't post."

This rule seems to be getting ignored by some of our members who it seems are more interested in making as many posts as they can in a day, than improving our community.

From today the moderating team are going to be carefully checking the boards and instances where the above rule is broken will be deleted and a reminder of the forum rules sent to users.

We have taken this decision in the best interests of the community as it is increasingly apparent that the vast majority of our users don’t prefer this kind of spam posting.

You can view the complete forum rules here: Site Rules

Thanks guys, we all love the forums, let's all try to make them a better place for everyone?