A few small additions

Rich Stone - July 21st 2009


I have added a couple of new settings to the friend feed. These control how many friend feed items you see on your homepage, and also whether or not the achievements won in the same day in the same game are grouped together.

I've also added a limit to the number of friends you can have that appear in your friend feed. This limit is currently set to 50. To be honest, and more than that and you're going to be having to check the site every hour if you want to see all of their achievement wins etc, so it should be better for everyone to have fewer than 50 in there. Note: This doesn't limit you to 50 friends, just to 50 that appear in your feed. To change the friends that appear in your feed, go to Edit Friends and then set up a Friend Group for those that you don't want to appear in there, add the friends to that group and set the Include on Friend Feed option to off for that group.

I've also made some changes to the way deleted posts are handled on the forum. If a moderator deletes one of your posts, they will now provide a reason for the deletion which everyone will be able see. This is to hopefully prevent the situation where a post is deleted for a perfectly sensible reason (ie double posting, spamming etc) and the original poster throws a wobbly as they don't know why it happened.

The mods will also have the option to permanently remove a post, which should help tidy the forums up a bit. If this happens to one of your posts then they will PM you to let you know why.

I've also embedded the comments into the News Story pages, so if you click on a news story from the front page you should automatically see all the comments beneath the story, which I think is a neat idea and came from our Site Wishlist Forum so thanks for that one!

And an update on the second server - I now have the server, I will be installing the new hard drives tonight and hopefully setting it up. I'm still waiting on the memory I ordered from the states to arrive, but when it does I will drive the server to the hosting company and get them to put it in the rack. Then there will be a period of a week or so when I set it up in place and make sure everything is working ok, before I move the database across. I expect the site will be down for maybe 2 hours, but I'll give you plenty of warning.

Thanks all!