Deal of the Week: July 27th, 2009

Aeris Gainzbrah - July 27th 2009

Major Nelson has revealed that this weeks 'Deal of the Week' for Gold members will be the Far Cry 2 Fortunes Pack Game Add On for 240 points, discounted from 400 points. gives the following description for the Pack:
Ramp up the terror with the Far Cry®2 Fortunes Pack. Loaded with 3 new weapons, 2 new vehicles and 4 new multiplayer maps. Silenced Shotgun – Power and stealth in one gun. Craftsman Shotgun – An ornamental shotgun with power and class to get people talking. Crossbow – Use explosive bolts to take out vehicles or start raging fires from a safe distance. ATV - Leave the roads and hit the fields with this All-terrain Vehicle. Utility Truck - Perfect for charging unsuspecting camps and taking out a couple of mercs. Plus 4 NEW MULTIPLAYER MAPS Get set to take out friends and enemies alike in these new environments: • Last Resort • Cheap Labour • Lake Smear • Fort Fury Let the mayhem begin…