Gaming Sessions v1

Rich Stone - August 20th 2009

It's been a little while since the last big feature update (those ace friend feed comments), and this is because the thing I've been working on was vaguely complicated, and version 1 is now ready...

So "what's it all about" I hear you cry?

Well, we've had a boosting session calendar on the site for a while, but it was run through google calendar and wasn't integrated into the rest of the site.

So now we have.....TA Gaming Sessions (ta-da!)

Now when you go to a game page, you can propose a gaming session. You choose the time and what sort of session it is (just for fun, competitive, boosting etc), how many people you would like in the session, and even choose the achievements you would like to go for. You can also restrict the session to your TA friends.

By clicking on the Gaming Sessions page you can see all the sessions that are set up for all games, and there's some filter options there as well. Hover over the session to see the details, or click it if you want to see who's in it and/or to join.

Creators of the session will get PM'd when people join, and creation and joining of sessions will appear in your friend feed.

If anyone has thought on how to improve on the system then please post in the comments below...

I've also completely re-coded the PM Inbox so it should be a lot faster.

And now on the Achievement pages you'll see which of your friends has won it, and which are still to win it.