Gaming Sessions v1.5

Rich Stone - August 27th 2009

I've made a considerable amount of changes to the Gaming Session code, mainly on the Calendar page.

The Calendar should now be much easier to read, and has colour coded sessions to help you find the session types you're looking for.

The view defaults to Week rather than Month (you can change this in your settings page), and you also have the option of being notified (by email or PM) when a session is created that you have on your boost list.

There is an automatic thread produced for each session where anyone can post, and posts will automatically be added when people join/leave the session.

Speaking of which, there is now the option to leave a session (you do need to give a reason).

I didn't get a chance to implement everything I wanted to (there's no way to edit or delete a session yet) as I lost my internet connection for most of yesterday, but that should get written this saturday.

I've also made a change to the game pages - you can now see the max TA Score and GamerScore in the top right corner. This replaces the amazon ads which no one really used anyway [smile], and gives a quick way to see the maximum possible scores.

And I've added a time graph to the Gamer Goals page so you can see if you're ahead of schedule.