TrueAchievements news archive for October 2013

  • Borderlands 2 "Wattle Gobbler" DLC Coming November

    Borderlands 2 was release just over a year ago, but content keeps flowing from Gearbox Software to give long-term gamers something fresh to play, as well as newcomers. T.K. Baha's DLC, the first of t

    Posted 9 years ago 39

  • November's "Games With Gold" Titles Announced

    Last month, gamers were treated to Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes and the ever popular Halo 3 as part of Microsoft's "Games With Gold" program. Seeing that it's the end of the month, most gamers ar

    Posted 9 years ago 464

  • Defiance DLC Due During December

    With the original game released way back in April, the first DLC for Trion Worlds' MMORPG TV show tie-in, Defiance, didn't hit consoles until August with the "Castithan Charge Pack". Now, we've got o

    Posted 9 years ago 37

  • Windows Phone Deal Of The Week: October 31st, 2013

    Skulls of the Shogun (WP) was released earlier this year for $4.99. For those who have been awaiting a deal for this game, now is your chance to jump on it as it has dropped down to a mere $1.99! Sku

    Posted 9 years ago 34

  • Dead Rising 3 DLC Details and Halloween Trailer

    Capcom has announced details of the DLC that we can expect to see for their upcoming, Xbox One exclusive, zombie massacre simulator that is Dead Rising 3, stating that the title will have four pieces

    Posted 9 years ago 31

  • New Project Spark Trailer

    Microsoft Studios and developer Dakota have teamed up, once again, to bring you another Project Spark (Xbox One) developer diary. This one shows off the team creating a "haunted cornfield". They have

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • Hellraid Gets Pushed Back To 2014

    For those of you looking forward to Techland's new fantasy-themed IP Hellraid, you will have to wait a bit longer than expected. It was announced that Hellraid would be hitting consoles sometime befo

    Posted 9 years ago 15

  • EA Confirms New FIFA World Cup Title

    The time of year has come again where many game developers and publishers announce their financial results for the last quarter. In this case, the results are rolling in for Q2 FY2014. In these annou

    Posted 9 years ago 25

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Perks Detailed

    With less than a week until the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, it's time to start preparing what your style of play in multiplayer is going to be. Maybe you're going to keep it fast and light and b

    Posted 9 years ago 35

  • WWE 2K14 Launches a Trailer

    WWE 2K14 has finally made it into retailers. The deluge of screenshots and entrance/finisher videos is over. We're now left with the one obligatory trailer that appears alongside most new releases --

    Posted 9 years ago 8

  • Maxi vs. Mitsurugi in SoulCalibur II HD Online

    Mitsurugi has been featured before in these ongoing gameplay videos for SoulCalibur II HD Online. This is the first time we’ve seen the remake version of Maxi though, and together we have ourselves a

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • Wednesday XBL Content Roundup: October 30th, 2013

    For the first Wednesday in quite a while, we do not have any new Xbox LIVE Arcade titles. We do, however, have DLC for last week's Wednesday release. None of the DLC has achievements. XBLA DLC withou

    Posted 9 years ago 15

  • Need for Speed: Rivals Shows Its Ultimate Cars

    Need for Speed Rivals will be pitting cops against street racers when the game comes out at the end of November. As well as the current generation of consoles, the game is a launch title for the next

    Posted 9 years ago 11

  • Final Exam Trailer Concentrates on Co-op Mode

    Classes haven't been too regular for revision ahead of the release of Final Exam, but the recent overview trailer highlights several of the title's different game modes. Now, Focus Home Interactive h

    Posted 9 years ago 2

  • New Halo: Spartan Assault Trailer

    With the announcement of Halo: Spartan Assault (iOS) for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, 343 Industries have released a new trailer showing off the new features in the console version of the game. http://www.

    Posted 9 years ago 20

  • Halloween Brings Some Achievement Reminders

    We know there are many of you out there who enjoy a time stamp alongside an unlocked achievement, so that’s why we like to remind you achievers about various time sensitive achievements out there. He

    Posted 9 years ago 19

  • Battlefield 4 Sponsored Achievement Contest

    Hey there, TAers! As you all probably know, Battlefield 4 is out this week, and to celebrate the launch we've teamed up with DICE and Electronic Arts to give you a chance to win some Amazon gift card

    Posted 9 years ago 26

  • Sneak Peek at Peggle 2 Gameplay

    PopCap has put out a new video giving us a brief look at one of the new Peggle masters in the latest installment of its ever-popular Peggle franchise. Let's watch Master Jeffrey in action in Peggle 2

    Posted 9 years ago 13

  • Patch Notes for Payday 2 [Update]

    Straight from OVERKILL Software's developers, we have a thorough list of fixes that will be enacted during their next update for Payday 2. The patch is currently in Quality Assurance and should be up

    Posted 9 years ago 45

  • New Ryse: Son Of Rome Trailer

    With less than a month away from the impending Xbox One launch, the fight for Rome draws ever closer. Ryse: Son of Rome puts you in the shoes of Marius Titus as you journey throughout the Roman Empir

    Posted 9 years ago 15

  • The Walking Dead: Season 2 Revealed

    Disclaimer: This article may contain spoilers to anyone who hasn't completed The Walking Dead. The author has written this piece based of material provided by the publisher, which contains spoilers

    Posted 9 years ago 86

  • Blood Knights Release Date Announced

    We first told you about the vampiric hack 'n slash Blood Knights way back in February. We finally got a new update last month. After months of waiting, Deck13 and new publisher Kobalt Games have give

    Posted 9 years ago 20

  • Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass Announced

    While it should be absolutely no surprise to anyone these days, Turn 10 Studios have announced that they will be publishing some additional collections of downloadable cars for their upcoming racing

    Posted 9 years ago 14

  • New Project Spark Gameplay Video

    Microsoft Studios and Dakota have released more streaming gameplay footage of their upcoming Project Spark, a game devoted to creating one's own worlds. In this video, we see developers create not ju

    Posted 9 years ago 2

  • Lightning Returns: FF XIII Screens Focus on Fang

    With the game's Japanese release just around the corner, Square Enix has unveiled a series of new screenshots for their upcoming Final Fantasy title,

    Posted 9 years ago 18

  • Angry Birds Star Wars Coming to Xbox One

    Rovio has announced that its popular cross-over title Angry Birds Star Wars would be available for Xbox One when the console launches next month. This is also made evident in the following launch tra

    Posted 9 years ago 13

  • Microsoft Updating its Terms of Use on Xbox Live

    Later this week, Microsoft will be rolling out a new Terms of Use (TOU) for Xbox Live. If you want to continue using the Xbox Live service, you will need to accept them in order to continue using the

    Posted 9 years ago 94

  • Tuesday XBL Content Roundup: October 29th, 2013

    As far as Tuesdays go, this is a fairly quiet day. This time last year involved over ten games' worth of DLC. The stream of new content has definitely abated in the run-up to the release of the next

    Posted 9 years ago 9

  • Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason Announced

    Kinect Sports Rivals was originally slated as a day-one title for the Xbox One, but the game was soon pushed back to Spring 2014. Sporty gamers among us don't really need to despair at that news any

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Launch Trailer

    Today marks the release in North America of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, a Pac-Man game not much like the ones you'll have ever played before. Instead, this one is based on the kids TV show of

    Posted 9 years ago 6

  • Forging the Armor and Weapons in Ryse: Son of Rome

    Ryse: Son of Rome is one of those games that takes its story and influences from historical fact. Of course, the game itself may not be completely historically accurate, but it wants you to experienc

    Posted 9 years ago 8

  • 'The Streak' Gameplay Footage From WWE 2K14

    Senior Game Designer Bryan Williams and Aubrey Sitterson from 2K Games detail the Defend and Defeat "The Streak" modes in WWE 2K14. WWE 2K14 is available no

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • Halo: Spartan Assault Coming to Xbox One and 360

    The release of Halo Spartan Assault was met with a good deal of positive reception. The popular franchise made its way exclusively to Microsoft operating systems on PC, tablets, and mobile devices, g

    Posted 9 years ago 54

  • XBL Sale Roundup: October 29th, 2013

    The only people who won't know that Halloween is approaching are the people who have had their eyes shut for the last few weeks. Everywhere you turn, you are met with the sight of pumpkins, plastic s

    Posted 9 years ago 66

  • Xbox One Kinect Commands on Display

    Included with every Xbox One console is the new Kinect sensor, which hopes to be a game changer with its voice recognition, improved motion tracking, and detailed facial recognition. The following vi

    Posted 9 years ago 60

  • US Deal Roundup for October 29th, 2013

    Amazon - Lollipop Chainsaw $14.99 - Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition $14.99 - NBA Baller Beats $19.99 - Injustice: Gods Among Us $39.73 - Buy an on-line code for 12-months of Xbox LIVE Gold, get a $20

    Posted 9 years ago 18

  • UK Deal Roundup for October 29th, 2013

    Welcome to another edition of the UK Deal Roundup. Boomerang was originally thrown into the Roundup when GTA V was released last month, and the retailer returns yet again with that title as its only

    Posted 9 years ago 6

  • EA Drops Tiger Woods Partnership

    Tiger Woods has had a chequered career. After working his way to the position of the world's number one golfer, his form then took a dive after a number of personal revelations. Although he has now r

    Posted 9 years ago 70

  • Earth Defense Force 2025 Western Pre-order Bonuses

    Back when the pre-order bonuses were announced for the Japanese version of Earth Defense Force 2025, many western gamers were left wondering whether they would be able to get their hands on gold robo

    Posted 9 years ago 13

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Trailer Surfaces

    The latest instalment of one of the biggest franchises in gaming history, Call of Duty: Ghosts, will shoot in during this year's blockbuster release season. After detailing the game's campaign and Sq

    Posted 9 years ago 42

  • Another Round of WWE 2K14 Entrance and Finishers

    This week finally sees the retail release of WWE 2K14. To say that there has been plenty of media coverage for the upcoming wrestling title would quite easily be the understatement of the century. To

    Posted 9 years ago 5

  • Retail Releases: Week of October 28th, 2013

    After the special 2K Essentials Collection was released in North America last week, a trio of sequels have rocked up this week. Other releases this week see several popular franchises offering up ano

    Posted 9 years ago 18

  • Career Mode Details Revealed for Powerstar Golf

    Last week, details of the online multi-player Rival Mode, that takes advantage of the new cloud technology, were revealed for Powerstar Golf. M

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • Rocktober DLC Contest - Trick or Treat Edition

    Our good friends at Harmonix have donated several Rock Band DLC codes for us to giveaway during the month of Rocktober. We bark at the moon today with our last batch of DLC codes. All you have to do

    Posted 9 years ago 167

  • Final Zumba World Party Location Revealed - Aloha!

    Majesco and Zoe Mode have revealed the final location for their upcoming fitness/dance game Zumba Fitness World Party. Welcome to Hawaii! Aloha! Welcome to

    Posted 9 years ago 5

  • Battle System Update for Ultra Street Fighter 4

    On Capcom's official blog site, employee 'ComboFiend' has gone into some detail on some of the new changes being incorporated into the upcoming Ultra edition of Super Street Fighter IV. To be release

    Posted 9 years ago 12

  • TA Gaming Stats - October 14th to 20th 2013

    This report is for the period October 14th to October 20th 2013. I don't know if you've been watching the Kashyyyk news at all, but there's a real storm brewing at the moment. One which might lead to

    Posted 9 years ago 26

  • Let's Talk with Large Coffee

    Welcome back, achievement hunters. This week, we're headed just up the road to chat with one of our fellow TA'ers, a gamer nominated because he's such a helpful player and just all-around nice guy. J

    Posted 9 years ago 61

  • TA Top Five: Scariest Moments

    Halloween is right around the corner, and with that comes an abundance of horror movies on television, creepy lawn decor, and an excuse to leave the cobwebs in place around the house. The Xbox 360's

    Posted 9 years ago 145

  • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Dated

    Namco Bandai and ArtDink have released loads and loads of media on their upcoming game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, and now we finally have a release date. The action fighter will release in North Ame

    Posted 9 years ago 23

  • WWE 2K14 More Entrances And Finishers Videos

    There doesn't seem to be a day gone by recently without a new batch of entrance and finishers videos appearing for the upcoming sports title, WWE 2K14. Today is no different with another three videos

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • PSA - CoD: MW3 And BOII Double XP Week

    To celebrate the upcoming launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts, the folks over at CoD HQ have decided to hold a week long double XP event for two of the series' previous titles. http://www.trueachievements

    Posted 9 years ago 25

  • Windows Phone Game Discounts [UPDATE]

    All throughout the day, we have been receiving reports from many members of the community about discounts on Windows Phone games. Some games have even been showing up as free downloads. We can't find

    Posted 9 years ago 74

  • The Dark Eye - Demonicon Videos Released

    Fans eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming RPG adventure title, The Dark Eye - Demonicon, still have a little while to wait as the title will not be hitting the shelves until 2014. However, th

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • Forza Motorsport 5 Reveals Four More Cars

    Forza Motorsport 5 is not far away now with just under a month until its release, and Turn 10 Studios have revealed four more cars in their series of "showroom reveals." 2009 Mini Cooper John Cooper

    Posted 9 years ago 38

  • More Dev Streams For Project Spark

    Project Spark (Xbox One) looks to open a whole new world to not just gamers, but creators as well. Creating a puzzle game, point-n-click, or a horror game (seen below) are all within the realm of rea

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • WWE 2K14 Latest Entrance And Finishers Released

    Fans who can't get enough of the series of videos featuring the entrances and finishers for the wrestlers from the upcoming title, WWE 2K14, will be pleased to know that the folks over at 2K Games ha

    Posted 9 years ago 6

  • Crimson Dragon Introduces The Bloodskin

    The long awaited release of Crimson Dragon is nearly upon us. Recently confirmed as an Xbox One launch title, Crimson Dragon will take to the skies in less than a month. Today, we get our first look

    Posted 9 years ago 10

  • FIFA 14 Official Trailer Released

    With the release date rapidly approaching, EA have released their official trailer for their upcoming flagship football title, FIFA 14 (Xbox One). The video highlights the features of the new ignite

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • Tiny Brains Twitch TV Livestream Video Released

    It has been quite a while since the last Twitch TV video was released. However, the folks over at Spearhead Games have tried to make amends for this by releasing a new and very lengthy video featurin

    Posted 9 years ago 0

  • Easter Eggs: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

    Welcome to Easter Eggs, where the TA Team shines the spotlight on games that many gamers might have missed, perhaps hidden away behind the millionth copy of Call of Duty or FIFA. Much like a gamer w

    Posted 9 years ago 58

  • Xbox One TV Ad

    The Xbox One hits the gaming world in less than a month. Are you excited yet? Maybe, maybe not. Due to the console's launch getting ever closer, an official TV ad has (ironically) appeared on the web

    Posted 9 years ago 84

  • The Bridge Dated Alongside Topsy Turvy New Screens

    The fantastically named indie developers The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild have recently announced that their upcoming Escher-inspired puzzler, The Bridge, will be coming to XBLA on November 13th for

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • GTA Online - Stimulus Update, DLC Announcement

    For those of you who have been eagerly waiting throughout the week for your first Stimulus Package payment to arrive, you've surely noticed that it hasn't. The reason for that is because Rockstar has

    Posted 9 years ago 74

  • BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea DLC Dated

    2K and Irrational Games have announced that Episode One of BioShock Infinite's "Burial at Sea" DLC will be available on November 12th. Announced back in July, "Burial at Sea" will depict Booker and E

    Posted 9 years ago 29

  • WP Games Return to the Marketplace

    We reported earlier this month about the mysterious disappearance of three WP games:, Brain Challenge HD (WP), and UNO (WP). Now, just a

    Posted 9 years ago 49

  • Friday XBL Content Roundup: October 25th, 2013

    Today brings the final debut of our new weekly roundups. We will be presenting a list of new Xbox LIVE content on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays if necessary. We have DLC releases for three Xbox 36

    Posted 9 years ago 27

  • Ken Block Signs as Advisor for Need for Speed

    Electronic Arts has announced that it has partnered with professional rally driver Ken Block in a new multi-year deal. This deal will see Block act in an advisory role on the Need for Speed series, w

    Posted 9 years ago 23

  • Rugby League Live 2 - World Cup Edition Screens

    Earlier this week Tru Blu Entertainment announced Rugby League Live 2 - World Cup Edition, following on from their previously released game, Rugby League Live 2. Today, thanks to the appearance of so

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • WRC 4 Launch Trailer

    The week of release has finally arrived for WRC: FIA World Rally Championship 4 in Australia and Europe, and to celebrate the fact Milestone have released one final trailer for the game for its launc

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • Blood Of The Werewolf New Media Released

    Whilst we might not have any new video clips for the retro style 2D platformer, Blood of the Werewolf, we do have a number of screenshots and character artwork that might interest the fans eagerly aw

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • New Fighter Within Screens and Gameplay Trailer

    With the advanced hardware that the Xbox One is set to bring to the table, many gaming genres are able to advance as well. The fighting genre is no different. With Fighter Within, Dakota and Ubisoft

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • Another Dead Rising 3 Teaser Trailer

    The last teaser we showed for Dead Rising 3 had the lead man, Nick, preparing himself for an after-party full of zombie shredding. This time around, that party continues in the form of slow-mo undead

    Posted 9 years ago 20

  • Rocktober DLC Contest - Wanted Dead or Alive

    Our good friends at Harmonix have donated several Rock Band DLC codes for us to giveaway during the month of Rocktober. We continue giving love a bad name today with four Bon Jovi Greatest Hits codes

    Posted 9 years ago 148

  • WWE 2K14 Puts the Drop on More Entrances/Finishers

    Our coverage of the steady release of new entrance and finisher videos for WWE 2K14 continues. This particular trio of videos features the likes of Razor Ramon, Brock Lesnar, and Aksana. Together the

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • Farming Simulator North American Launch Trailer

    It was already a long enough wait when Farming Simulator released in various regions apart from North America early last month. Imagine the agony that our poor gaming brethren in the States had to en

    Posted 9 years ago 28

  • Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Dated and Priced

    In September, Ubisoft announced that the Assassin's Creed franchise would be expanding even more with the release of Assassin's Creed Liberation HD on consoles. However, no release date or pricing wa

    Posted 9 years ago 91

  • Project Spark Creates Puzzle Games

    Gameplay footage has not been at a shortage for Project Spark. If you happen to have missed the previous 12 hours, 22 minutes and 43 seconds of gameplay footage over the last few months (not counting

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • New PES 2014 Update Resolves Online Issues

    Konami announced earlier today that a new patch is available for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 that fixes all of the issues affecting the game's online modes for the Xbox 360, and also rectifies previous

    Posted 9 years ago 5

  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Summary Trailer

    Ubisoft has released an in-depth trailer for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag to cover everything you could ever hope to know about the latest action-adventure title. The newest video showcases the Ne

    Posted 9 years ago 11

  • BandFuse: Rock Legends Presents First Rockthrough

    Jumping into a game genre with existing competition is always a roll of the dice, but Bandfuse: Rock Legends is hoping gamers will fill the stands when it takes the stage next month. In order to show

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • Karaoke Six-Hour Passes Half Off for Two Weeks

    Those of you looking to host a raging all-night karaoke party this Halloween can get in on this special for 50% off a six-hour pass in Karaoke for Xbox 360. From now until November 7th, you can belt

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • FIFA 14 Reveals Next Gen Screens

    While its predecessor won 2012's Sports Game of the Year here on TA, less than half as many players have started FIFA 14. Community members might be choosing to avoid this year's iteration, or possib

    Posted 9 years ago 12

  • MXGP - The Official Motorcross Videogame Trailer

    The team at Milestone haven't given out much detail on MXGP - The Official Motocross Videogame up to this point. If you came with hopes of exploring a mountain of new information, then you may be dis

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • Windows Phone Deal of the Week: October 24th, 2013

    Once a Nokia exclusive, Mirror’s Edge has now been available to everyone for quite some time. If you missed out on the game being free for a short time or a previous sale, now is great time to pick u

    Posted 9 years ago 22

  • MotoGP 13 Gets a Tune-Up

    As they are one of the most recognised racing game developers around, Milestone needs to maintain their reputation by keeping their titles at a quality standard. A second set of patch notes for MotoG

    Posted 9 years ago 1

  • Mad Riders DLC Achievements Are Finally Live

    Ubisoft’s arcade racer MAD RIDERS was released in May of last year, and in our review we praised it for being both ‘fun’ and ‘accessible’ despite being a bit ‘ugly’ at times. A month later, the first

    Posted 9 years ago 14

  • Upcoming Madden NFL 25 Patch Detailed

    Madden NFL 25 is set to receive its second title update, which looks to fix issues pertaining to gameplay, Ultimate Team, Connected Franchises, presentation and more. Below is the list of items EA is

    Posted 9 years ago 2

  • Powerstar Golf Rival Mode Pits You vs. Friends

    The new Rival Mode has been revealed for Powerstar Golf, which lets you challenge your friend’s all-time and weekly best scores. When playing Powerstar Golf on Xbox LIVE, your best rounds are uploade

    Posted 9 years ago 2

  • Another Batch of Entrances/Finishers for WWE 2K14

    Yuke's and 2K Games seem to enjoy showing off the fighters they have lined up in their latest wrestling title, WWE 2K14, because they just keep on coming! Who do we have this time, you ask? Take a lo

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • New SoulCalibur 2 HD Online Gameplay Battle

    Our last visit with SoulCalibur II HD Online saw Nightmare and Mitsurugi duking it out in a formidable fight. This newest gameplay trailer for the game pits Raphael and Xianghua against each other in

    Posted 9 years ago 17

  • Epic Battles in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

    NAMCO Bandai Games have released some brand new screenshots of their upcoming action fighting game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. These screenshots feature the usual heroes and villains from the series,

    Posted 9 years ago 18

  • New Battlefield 4 Trailer Shows Off C4 Creativity

    If there's something to take away from all of the Battlefield 4 media, it's that it appears players will have a lot of freedom to play the game the way they want to. In the past we have seen examples

    Posted 9 years ago 10

  • The Evil Within Screens Introduce Butcher & Boxman

    To celebrate scare season, Bethesda has unleashed three new screenshots for their upcoming survival horror title, The Evil Within, which is being developed by Shinji Mikami and his studio Tango Gamew

    Posted 9 years ago 25

  • XBLA Content Roundup: October 23rd, 2013

    Following on from yesterday's new feature, the XBL Content Roundup, today marks the first edition of Wednesday's new roundup. Every Wednesday we intend to bring you a compiled list of all of the Xbox

    Posted 9 years ago 28

  • Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer Gets Personal

    After the success of its two predecessors, it is safe to say that Batman: Arkham Origins has plenty to live up to. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a launch trailer to show that th

    Posted 9 years ago 15

  • Publisher Q&A for Zumba Fitness World Party

    Since the early stages of the summer, Majesco has gradually ramped up the amount of screenshots and videos for upcoming dance-fitness title, Zumba Fitness World Party. Now, Lisa Roth and Kevin Ray (b

    Posted 9 years ago 1

  • Five Days of Double XP in Battlefield 3 Has Begun

    With the release of Battlefield 4 just days away, DICE is celebrating the fact with a 120-hour long double XP marathon in Battlefield 3, which is underway as we speak. The duration of this event will

    Posted 9 years ago 18

  • Just Dance Kids 2014 Launch Trailer and Gameplay

    Just Dance 2014 recently got released earlier this month. Hot on the heels of that title, we have Just Dance Kids 2014. Whether you have kids yourself, or you just want to unleash your inner eight ye

    Posted 9 years ago 1

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Launch Trailer

    The video game adaptation of Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles makes its way onto store shelves this week. While a storm of big-name annual releases forms not far behind, the lower price tag

    Posted 9 years ago 21

  • Titanfall Release Date Announced

    Electronic Arts has announced that Respawn Entertainment's upcoming shooter, Titanfall, will launch for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC on March 11th, 2014 in North America and March 13th, 2014 in Eur

    Posted 9 years ago 45

  • Achievement Preview Spotlight: ACIV: Black Flag

    Brace yourselves, gamers, we've officially hit annual release season. While next week also features Battlefield 4, Angry Birds Star Wars, and WWE 2K14 (keep your eyes peeled for our review!), I decid

    Posted 9 years ago 49

  • Rocksmith 2014 Edition Launching Worldwide

    Ubisoft's guitar tutoring title Rocksmith 2014 Edition has recently been released in North America and is on its way to other regions over the next few days. They have naturally started promoting thi

    Posted 9 years ago 6

  • Deus Ex: HR Director's Cut Launch Trailer

    If you haven't had the chance to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution by this point, then now may be the perfect time to do so. The Director's Cut of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is now available in North Ame

    Posted 9 years ago 21

  • BANDFUSE: Rock Legends Pre-order Bonus Revealed

    Bandfuse: Rock Legends is looking to kick things off in style featuring actual rock stars that will be with you through out your rock career, teaching you the tips and tricks of the trade. Gamestop h

    Posted 9 years ago 11

  • A Ton of Media for WWE 2K14

    Yuke's and 2K Games have released a slew of media on their upcoming wrestling game WWE 2K14. There has already been a rash of information on this game, but today's treasure trove of testosterone is t

    Posted 9 years ago 12

  • Battlefield 4 Single Player Trailer

    When it comes to covering the beauty that is Battlefield 4, a lot of the attention remains focused on the multiplayer side of the title. This is understandable of course as Battlefield is easily one

    Posted 9 years ago 16

  • XBL Content Roundup: October 22nd, 2013

    We've decided to give our weekly articles a bit of a shake up and, as a result, there will be some new roundups taking the place of older articles this week. Instead of having several DLC and demo ar

    Posted 9 years ago 47

  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Launch Trailer

    With coverage of everything from stealth tactics to the multiplayer, there isn't much left to discuss about Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. The only thing remaining is the most important aspect -- y

    Posted 9 years ago 8

  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Launch Trailer

    The LEGO games have been coming in full force for years now, and yet they still manage to have a dedicated fan base that enjoy every single title in the franchise. With the newest instalment, LEGO Ma

    Posted 9 years ago 14

  • Deal of the Week: October 22nd, 2013

    Later this year, EA's Need for Speed Rivals will race onto current and next-gen consoles. Then there's the Need for Speed movie starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul coming to theatres in 2014. To help

    Posted 9 years ago 121

  • Battlefield 4 Anthem TV Trailer Released

    With the release date for the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 4 just a short week away, the new TV ad for the title has been revealed. Entitled simply, "Anthem", the short clip continues using actual

    Posted 9 years ago 14

  • NASCAR 14 Announced for Early 2014

    Deep Silver have announced that they will be bringing the motor sports racing-simulator NASCAR 14 to Xbox 360 early in 2014. The latest entry in the series is being developed by Eutechnyx, who are ho

    Posted 9 years ago 13

  • Call Of Duty: Ghosts Gameplay Launch Trailer

    With the release date for the massively anticipated blockbuster FPS, Call of Duty: Ghosts only a matter of weeks away for the Xbox 360 version of the title, and just a short month away for the Xbox O

    Posted 9 years ago 25

  • TA Podcast: Are You Ready to Rock-Tober!?

    Happy Pod-day, Gamers! We're BACK with this October's TA Podcast. This month, Matrarch, TrueAchievement, and I are chatting about Grand Theft Auto V, the prevalence of Season Passes for game content,

    Posted 9 years ago 25

  • Regional Price and Game Information Now Available

    Hello fellow TA’ers, As many of you may have noticed, when Microsoft phased out Microsoft Points for purchases, the price in points displayed on our TA game pages also disappeared. Since we are an in

    Posted 9 years ago 66

  • Achievement Win Streaks Version 2

    On Friday we brought you news of a new site feature - Achievement Win Streaks. Initially, these streaks were based on the GMT time zone as that's where our servers are located. However, many of you t

    Posted 9 years ago 95

  • US Deal Roundup for October 22nd, 2013

    Amazon - Lollipop Chainsaw $14.99 - Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition $14.99 - Tomb Raider $19.87 - Metro: Last Light $29.99 - Injustice: Gods Among Us $39.73 - Pre-order Watch_Dogs and get the "Signatu

    Posted 9 years ago 25

  • GTA Online – First Stimulus Deposit This Week

    Rockstar has set a time table for the arrival of the first cash deposit of the Stimulus Package, the 500,000 GTA$ gift meant to mediate frustrations over GTA Online’s early woes. Although some issues

    Posted 9 years ago 85

  • TA Gaming Stats - October 7th to 13th 2013

    This report is for the period October 7th to 13th 2013. Hello there TA folk. Hello and welcome to this week's stats, bringing you all the biggest and best numbers from around TA. As promised, I've ad

    Posted 9 years ago 14

  • Retail Releases: Week of October 21st, 2013

    There are a handful of superheroes invading retail shelves this week. Bruce Wayne's alter-ego is not the only man with special moves, as the heroes from the Marvel comics are also making an appearanc

    Posted 9 years ago 38

  • YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z New Video Released

    If you've seen some of the recently released screenshots you might be left wondering if the upcoming hack and slash title, YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z, is as bloody as those images suggest. Well wonder no

    Posted 9 years ago 10

  • Batman: Arkham Origins New Extended Gameplay Clip

    With the release date rapidly approaching for the hugely anticipated Batman: Arkham Origins, Warner Bros have decided to follow up the recent TV spot with a new video featuring gameplay from the upco

    Posted 9 years ago 12

  • Forum Improvement Ideas

    Hey TAers! With the site's never-ending quest to improve, we have decided it's time to make some improvements to the forums. To try to assist with this, I have taken on the role of the site's Forum M

    Posted 9 years ago 114

  • Yet More WWE 2K14 Entrance / Finisher Videos

    When I last covered this game about a month ago, I made a throw-away comment about there not being a deluge of videos for WWE 2K14. I apologise for tempting fate. I will not make any such comments in

    Posted 9 years ago 13

  • Powerstar Golf New Course Revealed

    Following hot on the heels of the recently revealed third golf course featured in the upcoming sports title, Powerstar Golf, we can now reveal the fourth course which will challenge all the golfers w

    Posted 9 years ago 9

  • Forza Motorsport 5 Reveals More Top Gear News

    Fans of Forza Motorsport 5 are no doubt aware of the high amount of collaboration between Turn 10 Studios and the BBC's Top Gear team. We've already revealed that you will be able to listen to in-gam

    Posted 9 years ago 16

  • Three Beastly Screens for Bound By Flame

    The beasts of upcoming RPG Bound by Flame sound terrifying. They are definitely looking the part as well. If the last set of screenshots is anything to go by, then you'll certainly agree with me. Bef

    Posted 9 years ago 6

  • TA Top Five: Pointless Collectibles

    Collectibles. Just the utterance of that one word causes even the best gaming veterans to shudder whenever it enters their ears. Collectibles are one of those video game nuisances that we gamers simp

    Posted 9 years ago 276

  • Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Awards Details

    The beta for Battlefield 4 may have ended, but DICE is continuing to pour on the information in order to further educate gamers about their upcoming first-person shooter. In the latest Battlefield bl

    Posted 9 years ago 34

  • Zumba Fitness: World Party Release Date Announced

    Stop what you are doing and ready yourself because the European release date for Zumba Fitness World Party has been announced. If you are not already excited for the game, read this and get your pre-

    Posted 9 years ago 6

  • Rekoil Gameplay Trailer Released

    Way back in the heady days of this summer, we were able to bring news that the previously announced PC only title Rekoil would be coming to XBLA. After that initial announcement, it all went a bit qu

    Posted 9 years ago 17

  • Madden 25 Next-Gen Gameplay Trailer Released

    Just recently, we were able to bring you news and images of how the next-gen presentation of the upcoming Xbox One version of Madden NFL 25 (Xbox One) was shaping up. Today, EA have released a new cl

    Posted 9 years ago 8

  • WWE 2K14 Continuing Entrances And Finishers Videos

    Continuing from their most recent set of videos featuring the entrances and finishers for the wrestling superstars of the upcoming title, WWE 2K14, 2K Games have released another batch of videos. The

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • Artwork and Screens for DI's Newest Play Set

    Yesterday, we brought you four new trailers for Disney Infinity's newest play set, "Toy Story in Space," which brings Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Jessie into Disney Infinity's sandbox world. Now, we'r

    Posted 9 years ago 10

  • Don Bradman Cricket 14 World Premiere Trailer

    Ok, as with the particular author who covered our last piece of news on Don Bradman Cricket 14, I am rather clueless when it comes to the ins and outs of cricket. There's a wicket, and a bat, and som

    Posted 9 years ago 14

  • Ryse: Son of Rome Campaign Trailers and Screens

    The team behind Ryse: Son of Rome has not revealed much in the last month, but that dry spell of information comes to a close with the release of new game footage. With the game launch just around th

    Posted 9 years ago 20

  • Rugby League Live 2 - World Cup Edition Announced

    For the small number of you who have Rugby League Live 2 you may be pleased (or displeased) to know that Rugby League Live 2 - World Cup Edition has been announced. For those of you who don't have th

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • Project Spark Community Remix

    Team Dakota have released yet another video of the upcoming game-builder Project Spark showcasing some of the cool things that you will be able to accomplish; this time Jared and Mike take a couple o

    Posted 9 years ago 6

  • Forza Motorsport 5 Trailer Showcases Hypercars

    Turn 10 hasn't been shy about showing off the features of Forza Motorsport 5. Considering the competition joining them on launch day, it's probably a sound strategy to divulge as much information as

    Posted 9 years ago 10

  • BandFuse: Rock Legends Shows More Screens

    Guitar games have come a long way since their conception. Starting with the basic five button guitars and then moving on to guitars with just over 100 buttons, games have now done away with periphera

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • Need for Speed Rivals Trailer Shows AllDrive

    If you prefer your racing games a little less simulated and a bit more action-oriented, then you're probably among those keeping an eye on Need for Speed Rivals. EA has shown off everything from cust

    Posted 9 years ago 11

  • NBA Live 14 Official Gameplay Trailer

    Just like each pro team is given a fresh start with the beginning of a new season, EA will be afforded another chance with the new console. NBA LIVE 14 hopes to resurrect a once-successful franchise,

    Posted 9 years ago 11

  • Grand Theft Auto V’s 1.0.4 Update Detailed

    Rockstar has revealed the contents of the latest Grand Theft Auto V update, which focuses on fine-tuning the GTA Online aspect of the game. Many of you are probably wondering on the status of the pro

    Posted 9 years ago 95

  • More Minecraft Natural Texture Pack Screenshots

    With the announcement of the Natural Texture Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, 4J Studios have released some new sceenshots of the texture pack for us to have a look at. http://www.trueachievemen

    Posted 9 years ago 16

  • New Feature - Achievement Win Streaks

    We got a great request in the podcast mailbag this week from Mr Granstaff asking for a new stat on the site - Achievement Win Streaks. A win streak is a run of consecutive days in which you pop at le

    Posted 9 years ago 175

  • Rocktober DLC Contest Part Deux

    Our good friends at Harmonix have donated several Rock Band DLC codes for us to giveaway during the month of Rocktober. We will kick things off today with four Avenged Sevenfold Pack 01 codes. All yo

    Posted 9 years ago 119

  • Steam Patches Out GFWL for Batman Arkham Series

    We have some news today not from the "bad news" department, but more from the "scary news" department. See, back in August, we brought you the news that the Game For Windows Live service would be shu

    Posted 9 years ago 192

  • Three New WWE 2K14 Entrances and Finishers

    We've had a number of entrances and finishers being showcased for WWE 2K14 throughout this month, with the last round of videos showing off Natalya, Bret Hart, and Roman Reigns. This time, we have an

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • Games With Gold Offer to Continue Indefinitely

    When Microsoft's "Games With Gold" offer was first announced, it was stated that we would see this continuing until November when the Xbox One launches. However, due to an overwhelming customer respo

    Posted 9 years ago 234

  • Four New Play Set Trailers for Disney Infinity

    Today, four new play set trailers were released for Disney Infinity, the well-received sandbox adventure from Disney Interactive and Avalanche Software. This time around, we have the Toy Story crew -

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag's Weapons

    The Assassin's Creed franchise is widely known for the way it depicts periods in history with great accuracy (apart from glowing apples and so on). From the crusades of the first Assassin's Creed wit

    Posted 9 years ago 11

  • New Elder Scrolls Online Trailer Emerges

    Character creation is a very important aspect to most gamers. Today, via the Zenimax Online Studios channel, a new trailer has been released to show players how character creation will be handled in

    Posted 9 years ago 21

  • Batman: Arkham Origins TV Spot Released

    Batman: Arkham Origins is set to bring us the backstory of a crime-stopper to end all crime-stoppers as Batman returns in a prequel to the major success stories of Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360) an

    Posted 9 years ago 28

  • Happy Wars Update Incoming for Wartober

    The one year anniversary of the release of Happy Wars, the free-to-play XBLA title, passed earlier this week. However, as we detailed previously, ToyLogic is having an extended birthday celebration f

    Posted 9 years ago 31

  • South Park: TSOT UK Pre-Order Bonuses

    Last month, to great jubilation, the release date for South Park: The Stick of Truth was finally made official, alongside details of the title's “Grand Wizard” Collector's Edition. If that news wasn'

    Posted 9 years ago 16

  • Three Square Enix Collections Revealed for Retail

    A trio of retail collections for Square Enix/Eidos' most popular franchises have been revealed via a set of packshots. They will be releasing under the Xbox 360's "Classics" label. Kane and Lynch Col

    Posted 9 years ago 68

  • NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Trailer Impresses

    Whether you're a basketball fan or not, it's hard not to be impressed by the visuals of this next-generation trailer for NBA 2K14. The video features the game running on Playstation 4 hardware, but y

    Posted 9 years ago 8

  • DICE Details Battlefield 4 Beta Findings

    The beta for Battlefield 4 has concluded, and DICE is taking the feedback it received from it and making direct changes as a result. It’s refreshing to see a beta net tangible fixes and changes ahead

    Posted 9 years ago 22

  • Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition - More Info

    With the revealing of the Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition, some questions may have been left unanswered; namely, how and when will we be able to obtain the remaining pins in the collection? The

    Posted 9 years ago 13

  • Castlevania: LoS - Mirror of Fate HD Launch Date

    Rumours were abounding in number before the official announcement, but back in August, it was revealed that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD would be coming to XBLA at the end of this

    Posted 9 years ago 16

  • THIEF XP System Removed

    Back when THIEF was showcased at E3, we noticed that as Garrett got into a fight with a couple of soldiers, XP was gained through getting headshots on the enemies. That displeased a number of fans so

    Posted 9 years ago 20

  • Pinball FX 2 Balances the Force [UPDATE]

    Edit: The achievements for the XBLA version have now been added to They will unlock and be added to your gamerscore as normal. There are three additional achievements worth a total of 150G.

    Posted 9 years ago 27

  • Fighter Within Screenshots Pack Serious Punch

    The idea of a core title utilizing strictly motion controls is often met with a great deal of skepticism. Ubisoft's Fighter Within looks to change people's perception of such titles when it launches

    Posted 9 years ago 11

  • Windows Phone Deal of the Week: October 17, 2013

    Judging by the TA ratios of the achievements for Rocket Riot, the game looks to be a very good way to add a little gamerscore to your running total. As an added bonus, the game is one of the few mobi

    Posted 9 years ago 36

  • Xbox Live Compute for Xbox One

    In a recent article, John Bruno, Lead Program Manager for Xbox Live, detailed some of the advantages to the expanded role of the cloud via Xbox Live Compute, a service created specifically to give ga

    Posted 9 years ago 66

  • Forza 5 Reveals Four More Four-Wheeled Beauties

    With Forza Motorsport 5 racing into living rooms with the launch of the Xbox One in a little over a month, Turn 10 have unveiled the next set of cars in their series of "showroom reveals". http://www

    Posted 9 years ago 15

  • Project Spark Will Not Require Xbox Live Gold

    Project Spark will not require an Xbox Live Gold subscription according to Team Dakota's community manager, Mike Lescault. On an Xbox One Reddit thread, Lescault cleared up some confusion and confirm

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • Rocksmith 2014 Edition Reveals Full Tracklist

    After teasing us with an incomplete list of tracks, Ubisoft have now revealed the full 55 song tracklist for their upcoming real guitar title, Rocksmith 2014 Edition. The tracklist crosses many diffe

    Posted 9 years ago 18

  • Latest WWE 2K14 Entrances and Finishers

    Our latest coverage of WWE 2K14 gave us a lengthy look at this year’s hundreds of new moves in addition to a sampling of screenshots. Before that we had another round of entrances and finishers, whic

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • WRC 4 Demo Arrives Ahead of This Month's Release

    Following demos being released this week for Lego Marvel Superheroes and Payday 2, the Xbox marketplace sees yet another trial in the form of WRC: FIA World Rally Championship 4. Try out the 2013 FIA

    Posted 9 years ago 16

  • SoulCalibur II HD Online Gameplay

    Although the game is a remake, there are several ‘firsts’ when it comes to SoulCalibur II HD Online. The title of the game gives away half of it; this is the first time SoulCalibur II will be present

    Posted 9 years ago 11

  • Payday 2 Demos a Bank Robbery

    Payday 2 quite possibly became one of the fastest selling games on Games on Demand after the dire supply shortage that greeted the game's retail release in most regions. Now that the fuss has settled

    Posted 9 years ago 26

  • TK Baha's DLC Dated and Priced for Borderlands 2

    Earlier this year, Gearbox confirmed that a fair amount of additional DLC was in the pipeline for its blockbuster sequel, Borderlands 2. One of those pieces of extra content is the "Headhunter Pack:

    Posted 9 years ago 48

  • Dominique Introduced to the Powerstar Golf Lineup

    Thus far we’ve received proper introductions to Frank, Reiko, Henry, Kiara, and Laoshi. Now’s the time to get to know Dominique Rider, the latest Powerstar Golf character to be profiled. http://www.t

    Posted 9 years ago 2

  • A Taste of the Music in Contrast

    With the various sets of screens and the trailer we've seen for Compulsion Games' upcoming platformer Contrast, we've been introduced to a visually rich, emotional, XBLA title that will aim to give p

    Posted 9 years ago 5

  • WWE 2K14 New Moves and Screens Released

    Senior Game Designer of Yuke's upcoming WWE 2K14, Bryan Williams, and Interactive Marketing Manager Aubrey Sitterson are back at it again as they host another stream showcasing more wrestling goodnes

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • Halo 3 Now Free to Download Until October 31st

    Last month, we revealed that the most tracked game on the site, Halo 3, would be the next game to go under the "Games With Gold" offer. Obviously, there was some debate as to how THIS game of all gam

    Posted 9 years ago 111

  • Cabela's African Adventure Launch Trailer

    The next instalment of the ever-growing hunting series, Cabela's, is now upon us. In Cabela's African Adventure, hunting goes open-world as players roam the wilds of Africa in a search for the bigges

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • Xbox One Racing Accessories Unveiled

    Fans looking forward to the release of Forza Motorsport 5 on Xbox One launch day might have been wondering about how they could best enjoy the new racing title. Well, rest easy, as Major Nelson has b

    Posted 9 years ago 12

  • Forza Motorsport 5 Trailer Hits FilmSpeed

    Everyone knows by now what a massive Forza fan I am (and if you don't I suggest you check out our podcasts). I saw this video on my Xbox dashboard the other day and thought it was cool. I noticed tha

    Posted 9 years ago 12

  • Deus Ex: HR Directors Edition New Video Released

    Just recently, we were able to bring you the release date and some details concerning the new features to be included with the new Director's Cut version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. As previously m

    Posted 9 years ago 24

  • Zumba Fitness World Party Arriving November

    Majesco Entertainment Company have announced the official release date for their upcoming Kinect-enabled dancing game Zumba Fitness World Party. Join the party when it's released on November 5th for

    Posted 9 years ago 1

  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Screens Extravaganza!

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is set to hit stores next week on the Xbox 360. For those anxious to get an early preview of the game, the demo has just been released. If you have yet to pre-order this, be

    Posted 9 years ago 23

  • Achievement Preview Spotlight: Batman: Ark Origins

    Batman games used to be a fool's errand. No development team could ever quite nail down the feeling of being the world's greatest detective while also showing the Dark Knight's amazing combat skills

    Posted 9 years ago 56

  • Xbox One Friends App Features Explained

    Xbox LIVE is the pinnacle service when it comes to online gaming, and the hardware and infrastructure behind the Xbox One console looks to bolster this further. Changes and improvements to your frien

    Posted 9 years ago 59

  • Natural Texture Pack Up Next For Minecraft

    Following up from the Plastic Texture Pack, the new Natural Texture Pack has been revealed for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition . http://www.trueach

    Posted 9 years ago 24

  • WWE 2K14 Entrances and Finishers Hit Rock Bottom

    After our last buffet of entrances and finishers, WWE 2K14 has another helping of videos for us to feed upon. Included in this set is one of WWE’s most famous combatants, The Rock. You may remember h

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • Diablo III Console Patch 1.0.2 Fixes Listed

    A new patch has been pushed through for Diablo III, bringing with it a number of fixes pertaining to crashes and gameplay. Below is a detailed list of the items that were addressed by Blizzard. Crash

    Posted 9 years ago 27

  • Kingdom Hearts III Keys In a New Gameplay Trailer

    A new trailer has emerged from Disney’s D23 Expo in Japan for the upcoming action-RPG KINGDOM HEARTS III. In it, the trio of Sora, Donald, and Goofy deal out massive amounts of damage to their foes b

    Posted 9 years ago 35

  • Deal of the Week: October 15th, 2013

    The great thing about being an achievement hunter is that there are many different reasons as to why we dedicate so much of our time into increasing our Gamerscore. For some it's purely for score, wh

    Posted 9 years ago 76

  • DLC Roundup: October 15th, 2013

    We have DLC releases for four Xbox 360 retail games and two Xbox LIVE Arcade games this week. One of the games adds extra achievements to its list but none of the games have region exclusive DLC. Any

    Posted 9 years ago 20

  • Watch_Dogs Delayed, The Crew Pushed Back

    Ubisoft has announced that their ambitious new IP, Watch_Dogs, will be missing its scheduled release date of next month and has been delayed into spring 2014. In an announcement made by a Watch_Dogs

    Posted 9 years ago 57

  • Angry Birds Go! Coming to Windows Phone

    Today Rovio confirmed everyone's suspicions that Angry Birds Go! is indeed a downhill kart racer that will send birds and pigs smashing into each other as they navigate the downhill courses while col

    Posted 9 years ago 28

  • New How to Survive Kovac's Rules Trailer

    Zombie games are everywhere and 505 Games' upcoming title How to Survive will be among the newest to enter the fray. In this third-person, arcade-action survival game players will be required to fulf

    Posted 9 years ago 11

  • Battlefield 4 Disc Installation Details

    Given that many blockbuster titles have been given this treatment in recent years, it comes as no surprise that EA’s upcoming shooter Battlefield 4 will feature a mandatory installation to your hard

    Posted 9 years ago 14

  • The Chronicles of Metro: Last Light

    DLC number four, and what publisher Deep silver promises will be the final piece of content to be released for Metro: Last Light, has arrived onto the Xbox Games Store. "The Chronicles Pack" features

    Posted 9 years ago 12

  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo Available Now

    Warner Bros upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is set to feature a ram-packed roster of heroes and villains for LEGO and Marvel fans to try out. The demo for the title has released today and gives pla

    Posted 9 years ago 10

  • Blow Out the Candles in Dance Central 3 This Month

    The month of October brings about birthdays for several of the dancers in Dance Central 3. We commemorate the occasion of their birthdays because it means more opportunities to obtain the following a

    Posted 9 years ago 0

  • Race The Stig's Digital Cousin in Forza 5

    For those of you that are fans of the BBC show Top Gear (but not necessarily Jeremy Clarkson), you'll all be aware of who The Stig is. The record-breaking racing driver is almost unbeatable, and you

    Posted 9 years ago 5

  • US Deal Roundup for October 15th, 2013

    Amazon - Tomb Raider $19.99 - Saints Row IV $44.99 / $79.99 / $104.99 - Diablo III $49.99 - Pre-order Watch_Dogs and get the "Signature Shot" pack - Get a $10 credit when you pre-order Bat

    Posted 9 years ago 17

  • UK Deal Roundup for October 15th, 2013

    Welcome to another edition of the UK Deal Roundup. ASDA and Blockbuster each bring a trio of titles this time around. However, offerings from GAME seem to have fallen over the side of a very steep cl

    Posted 9 years ago 8

  • This is the Tale of Captain Edward Kenway

    This new Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag trailer showcases the game's protagonist, Edward Kenway, and his quest for riches and glory. Along the way to this path of glory Edward finds himself entangle

    Posted 9 years ago 23

  • Bloody YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z Screenshots

    The following screenshots for YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z feature some of the zombies (also known as stiffs) profiled in our previous coverage, and even includes a demented clown whose singular focus is to

    Posted 9 years ago 10

  • The Crew "Skin a Car" Contest

    Ubisoft's upcoming next-gen racer, The Crew, is set to revolutionise the genre in a number of ways. Today, Ubisoft has launched a new contest for the game which gives you the chance to customise a Mi

    Posted 9 years ago 19

  • Dark Souls II Hands On Preview at Play Expo

    Namco Bandai was one of the final exhibitors to be confirmed for Manchester's Play Expo. Their team would be bringing along Dark Souls II and a challenge for anyone brave enough to take them on: Will

    Posted 9 years ago 29

  • New Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Details

    Partying up and playing with friends has always been a major aspect of Call of Duty's multiplayer. Clans have now become the center of this appeal and are getting a vast amount of new features and mo

    Posted 9 years ago 18

  • New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

    Lightning is set to strike once again early next year as will be hitting retail stores. If you just can't wait to get a glimpse of how t

    Posted 9 years ago 19

  • The Dark Eye - Demonicon Images

    To celebrate the game going gold prior to its imminent PC release, Kalypso Media have unleashed a series of new screens for their upcoming action RPG title, The Dark Eye - Demonicon. The game is set

    Posted 9 years ago 5

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Announced for 2014

    During a panel at the recent Comic Con event in New York, Marvel let loose some fantastic news: developers Beenox will be releasing the latest title in Marvel's web-slinging superhero series, The Ama

    Posted 9 years ago 27

  • Battlefield 4 Official TV Trailer Revealed

    With the release date for the highly anticipated shooter Battlefield 4 rapidly approaching, the folks over at EA have finally revealed the official TV trailer for the new title. In the short clip, re

    Posted 9 years ago 8

  • Deadfall Adventures Stop The Submarine Theme

    Having already revealed the main theme to their upcoming title, Deadfall Adventures, the folks over at Nordic Games have decided to unveil a little more of the original soundtrack. The track intrigui

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • XBLA Wednesday: October 16th, 2013

    Who wants to be a millionaire? Hello, I do! Those residing in North America finally get their chance at some virtual millions with the XBLA release of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Special Edition,

    Posted 9 years ago 32

  • Retail Releases: Week of October 15th, 2013

    If you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket there are some new releases this week that could possibly grab your attention. Skylanders invades other regions this week after its North American

    Posted 9 years ago 10

  • WWE 2K14 Videos Reveal Entrances And Finishes

    Just recently, we have been able to bring you a number of videos revealing how wrestlers make their grand entrances into the wrestling ring before each match in the upcoming title, WWE 2K14. Wrestlin

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • Bandfuse: Rock Legends Introduces Mike Ness

    It's been relatively quiet recently regarding news from the upcoming music title, Bandfuse: Rock Legends. However, we have some news concerning a new mentor who will be joining the increasing list of

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • Emperor’s Garden Unveiled for Powerstar Golf

    Having already seen some of City Park, the first course you'll come across in the Xbox One-exclusive Powerstar Golf, and Rocky Ridge, it's now time for the Emperor’s Garden to have its moment in the

    Posted 9 years ago 2

  • Project Spark Shows Off Swan Song

    We've found out that with Project Spark, you can create almost anything you could imagine with easy-to-use tools. How does a point and click adventure sound? Or better yet, a classic turn based JRPG?

    Posted 9 years ago 2

  • Doctor Strange Table Announced for Pinball FX 2

    Over at the New York Comic Con, Zen Studios have announced another Marvel character will be making its way over to Pinball FX2, with Doctor Strange the character of choice this time around. With some

    Posted 9 years ago 9

  • Dead Rising 3 Teaser Welcomes You to the Party

    If you want to generate hype for a game, what better way to do it than showing the smallest of teasers. We have seen a number of new features that are to come to Dead Rising 3, but this time we have

    Posted 9 years ago 17

  • Walkthroughs Update - September 2013

    Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening! Ergo Me Smart here, back again for the monthly walkthrough round-up. 25 community-produced walkthroughs were published in September, worth a total of 41,279 TA. As

    Posted 9 years ago 16

  • Form an Instant, Adaptive Band in Rocksmith 2014

    Rocksmith 2014 Edition introduces the new Session Mode, which allows you to team up with a number of virtual band mates in order to produce some impromptu jam sessions. All you need to do is start pl

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Pre-Order Bonus

    Here's a bounty for ye; Ubisoft have announced that the "Black Island Pack" bonus content will be granted to those who preorder their copy of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag from Gamestop. This addit

    Posted 9 years ago 18

  • Killer Instinct Microsoft Store Pin Edition

    Microsoft has announced an exclusive "Pin Ultimate" edition of their upcoming Xbox One fighting game Killer Instinct, available only from the Microsoft Store. As part of a partnership between Microso

    Posted 9 years ago 41

  • TA Gaming Stats - Sept 30th to Oct 6th 2013

    This report is for the period September 30th to October 6th 2013. After the buzz of the last couple of months of releases has now settled down to a quiet hum, things have got a little quiet around st

    Posted 9 years ago 12

  • TA Top Five: Enemies

    One of the main aspects (if not THE main aspect) that brings challenge to a game is having a health bar. If that health bar reaches zero, then, obviously, you die. To stop that health bar from stayin

    Posted 9 years ago 103

  • Let's Talk with Kostas A M GR

    Welcome back, fair reader. This week, we're headed to the sunny Mediterranean to talk to one of our fellow TA'ers, a devoted gamer whose love of gaming encompasses more consoles than I've ever seen i

    Posted 9 years ago 25

  • Saints Row IV Enter The Dominatrix DLC Dated

    Volition have announced that their upcoming "Enter the Dominatrix" DLC for Saints Row IV will be arriving on October 22nd in the United States and October 23rd for European players. This expansion fe

    Posted 9 years ago 33

  • Easter Eggs: Catherine

    Welcome to Easter Eggs, where the TA Team shines the spotlight on games that many gamers might have missed, perhaps hidden away behind the millionth copy of Call of Duty or FIFA. Much like a gamer w

    Posted 9 years ago 104

  • New Screens and a Trailer for Adventure Time

    WayForward has given us some cool screenshots and a trailer from their upcoming Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because IDK. This round of info shows us the game hub, where we can purchase charac

    Posted 9 years ago 13

  • Hexodius Gets New Screenshots

    Hexodius, a new XBLA shooter from Namco Bandai and Brain Slap Studios, has given us some new screens of the shoot-em up in action. http://www.t

    Posted 9 years ago 2

  • Latest SpongeBob Game Out Now in Europe

    European SpongeBob fans should grab their spare cash (or beg their parents to pony up some dough); the latest game SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge has now hit stores in Europe. Nort

    Posted 9 years ago 18

  • Xbox 360 Holiday 2013 Hardware Bundles Announced

    Microsoft has unveiled their lineup of holiday bundles destined for store shelves around the world. Below are the console details, as well as the price in US dollars. The bundles feature a $50 discou

    Posted 9 years ago 68

  • WRC 4 Screenshots Drift In

    It's not long now until WRC: FIA World Rally Championship 4 slides into stores, with the game set to hit the shelves later this month. Yesterday we got a sneak peek at three variations on the cover a

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • New Rayman Jungle Run Levels Sprint In

    Ubisoft have updated Rayman Jungle Run (WP), adding in the two new worlds that owners of the Windows 8 version got their hands on last month. Both new sets of levels bring in nine new levels and a ne

    Posted 9 years ago 10

  • New Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Screens

    Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z has had a lot of screenshots released recently and it seems that Namco Bandai are not finished yet. They have also released new details on customisable characters and somet

    Posted 9 years ago 17

  • Challenge the TA Podcast Crew!

    Happy Friday, Gamers! As you're probably all doing nothing at work or school today, why not take a second and hit us up with our next TA Podcast Achievement Challenge? This Sunday Matrarch, TrueAchie

    Posted 9 years ago 28

  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Gets Asgard DLC

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that the "Asgard" DLC character pack will be available for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes at the same time as the game's launch. This pack will include

    Posted 9 years ago 26

  • All GTA Online Players Getting a Load of GTA$

    Rockstar has been forthright in recognizing some of the woes that GTA Online has experienced in its early days. While many of you have been able to go about your crime sprees without a hitch for seve

    Posted 9 years ago 76

  • Rocktober DLC Contest

    Our good friends at Harmonix have donated several Rock Band DLC codes for us to giveaway during the month of Rocktober. We will kick things off today with four 3 Doors Down Track Pack 01 codes. All y

    Posted 9 years ago 244

  • The Wolf Among Us - Episode 1: Faith Review

    Following up after the critically acclaimed runaway hit, The Walking Dead, is no easy task. Developer Telltale Games took a peculiar approach by choosing the Fables comic book series for the basis of

    Posted 9 years ago 23

  • F1 2013 Review

    F1 2013 continues Codemasters’ long-running, award-winning overhaul of Formula One racing simulation on consoles. After making major changes in F1 2012 and creating a game that we considered a great

    Posted 9 years ago 9

  • XCOM Enemy Within Security Breach Trailer

    It seems that not all of humanity stands behind the XCOM team, despite the overall alien threat which befalls them. 'Exalt' has emerged as a rogue organisation that wishes to harness the alien's tech

    Posted 9 years ago 16

  • New Screenshots of Fable Anniversary

    Coming off the news of a delayed release for Fable Anniversary, Lionhead have been hard at work preparing the HD remake in time for its new launch date. Emerging from the fray of development are thes

    Posted 9 years ago 43

  • THIEF Loots a Gameplay Trailer and Some Images

    In a new gameplay trailer from Eidos Montreal for their upcoming series reboot, THIEF, Garrett meets up with old friend Basso to arrange his first heist after some time away from the game. This isn't

    Posted 9 years ago 17

  • WRC 4 Reveals Localized Covers

    Fans that are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the upcoming racing title, WRC: FIA World Rally Championship 4, might be interested to know that the game will packaged with three different localized co

    Posted 9 years ago 14

  • Star Wars Pinball: New DLC Clip Unleashes Vader

    With the release date of the new DLC for Pinball FX2 approaching, the folks over at Zen Studios have released a new clip featuring another of the tables that will be included. The lastest table is si

    Posted 9 years ago 9

  • Outerworld Service Announced For Lightning Returns

    It seems pretty standard these days to include features in games that allow players to share their experiences with other gamers around the world. Not to be outdone, Square Enix have announced that h

    Posted 9 years ago 12

  • New Project Spark In-Game Demo

    Team Dakota has released a new dev stream for Project Spark and this time focus in on terrain modification. The hour long video is the latest in-game demo in a series of many that have already touche

    Posted 9 years ago 2

  • GTA Online Update Looks to Solve Character Loss

    Rockstar was quick to warn that the launch of GTA Online was going to prone to some "teething problems". There has definitely been a lot of that, with eager players looking to hop online at launch on

    Posted 9 years ago 84

  • Windows Phone Deal of the Week: October 10th, 2013

    Gameloft made the headlines this week with three of their older titles getting delisted. Will The Dark Knight Rises suffer the same fate? Perhaps someday, but not this week at least. The Dark Knight

    Posted 9 years ago 34

  • Alien Rage Comes to XBLA Next Week

    If you’re up to the challenge, you’ll want to mark your calenders for the release of Alien Rage, coming next Friday to XBLA. In-game descriptors peg the Easy difficulty as “Challenging” and Normal di

    Posted 9 years ago 14

  • WWE 2K14 Introduces Another Two Wrestlers

    Our ongoing coverage of WWE 2K14 discovers another two videos for your viewing pleasure. It's time for a look at the entrance and finishers for the Prime Time Players and Brock Lesnar.

    Posted 9 years ago 16

  • Forza Motorsport 5 Weekly Car List Update

    For many of you, the heart of Forza Motorsport 5 is the car collection. With each one adhering to painstaking levels of detail, even those who don't enjoy racing games have to admire them. Throughout

    Posted 9 years ago 11

  • The Wolf Among Us Episode One Launch Trailer

    Telltale Games have a lot to live up to with their next title after the praise that The Walking Dead received. Instead of going down a completely different route, they've stuck with what they know be

    Posted 9 years ago 16

  • Peggle 2 Gameplay Videos

    There's little more than a month left until Peggle 2 bounces its way onto the Xbox One. While many of the launch-day retail titles have certainly grabbed their share of attention, fans of the puzzle

    Posted 9 years ago 17

  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collection Dated

    The Castlelvania: Lords of Shadow Collection has a date with destiny, set to arrive early next month to retail shelves. Aside from two games and two different pieces of achievement-laden DLC, the gam

    Posted 9 years ago 22

  • Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt Offers Chance to Win Big

    Since it released in 2012, Gearbox has done a phenomenal job at keeping players coming back for more of Borderlands 2. Whether it has been new DLC adventures, new playable characters, difficulty and

    Posted 9 years ago 90

  • Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion Launch Trailer

    If you're looking for something different to play this evening, Casual Brothers Games has released Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion for XBLA. The hack-and-slash action game allows up to four-player co

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • Battlefield 4 Beta Gets Obliterated

    It's been over a week since the Battlefield 4 Beta went live. Many of you have probably been enjoying the two modes available, but sooner or later, you need more. DICE is adding the Obliteration game

    Posted 9 years ago 17

  • Three Windows Phone Games Delisted

    Another trio of Windows Phone games has gone missing from the marketplace. With no official announcement on the topic from Microsoft, one can only speculate on the cause of such. Maybe they relocated

    Posted 9 years ago 62

  • Minecraft Battles Beasts Again

    Some people just aren't satisfied unless they have a new outfit for every day of the week. One woman even took it so far that she had a separate fancy dress outfit for every day of the year, includin

    Posted 9 years ago 9

  • Achievement Preview Spotlight: Skylanders SWAP

    As achievement hunters, we're all collectors of some sort. Each and every one of our trophy cases is full of our favorite pops that we've been collecting since we joined TA. Recently, games have begu

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • Two More Entrance Videos in WWE 2K14

    Wrestling fans who may be getting super-excited for the upcoming release of Yuke's WWE 2K14, should be pretty pleased with the most recent videos 2K Games have released for their upcoming title. Titu

    Posted 9 years ago 9

  • More Strider Screens and a Trailer Arrive

    If the last batch of screenshots of Strider wasn't enough for you, Capcom have released some more for you to feast your eyes on the colourful hack and slashing Strider offers. http://www.trueachievem

    Posted 9 years ago 12

  • The Wolf Among Us Release Date Announced

    The first episode of Telltale's The Wolf Among Us has finally been dated, and it's coming up right away. "Faith," Bigby's debut episode, will be available Friday, October 11th (yes, this Friday!) on

    Posted 9 years ago 27

  • Don Bradman Cricket 14 Instant Replay Feature

    Now bear with me, as the sport of cricket is unfamiliar to most Americans such as myself. With that said, I'm going to try and commentate what I'm seeing here in this video showcasing the instant rep

    Posted 9 years ago 38

  • CoachGlass Coming to Madden 25 on Xbox One

    The next-generation of Madden is getting an exclusive new feature with Coachglass for Madden NFL 25 (Xbox One). Using Microsoft's SmartGlass functionality, CoachGlass will give you detailed play anal

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • Master Laoshi Joins the Powerstar Golf Roster

    The latest character reveal for Powerstar Golf is Master Laoshi, the martial arts instructor turned golfer. Originally he hails from Jiangxi, China, with his journey leading him to the Emperor's Gard

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • Loads of New Media for Dustforce

    We announced last month that Dustforce of PC fame is coming to the Xbox 360, but there's been no news since...until now. Capcom and its partner Hitbox have released a good bit of media on the upcomin

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • State of Decay Breakdown DLC Coming October

    Undead Labs have announced that the challenging new DLC for State of Decay, titled "Breakdown", has been delivered to Microsoft for pre-certification testing and will hopefully be arriving by the end

    Posted 9 years ago 46

  • New Screens for The Wolf Among Us

    Telltale Games is working on a new point and click adventure that brings many old fairy tale characters to life in ways we've never seen before. In the same vein artistically as Telltale's hugely pop

    Posted 9 years ago 14

  • Retail DLC Roundup: October 8th, 2013

    We have DLC releases for eight Xbox 360 retail games this week. One of the games adds extra achievements to its list and three of the games have region exclusive DLC. Any XBLA DLC that is due to be r

    Posted 9 years ago 18

  • Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Season Pass Details

    Ubisoft has unveiled the Season Pass for this holiday’s Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. The pass will contain both single player and multiplayer content, as well as exclusive perks just for pass buy

    Posted 9 years ago 30

  • The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Enters Hangar 6

    Back before Agent Carter was recruited into the The Bureau, a series of psychic experiments were taking place at a secret location only known as Hangar 6 in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. Agent Nico

    Posted 9 years ago 10

  • Rocksmith 2014 Gameplay Trailers

    For those of you waiting to get your hands on Ubisoft's upcoming Rocksmith 2014 Edition, we have two new trailers to temporarily satisfy those rocker cravings. From the Xbox booth at the Tokyo Game S

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • Battlefield 4 Map DLC Launches Early On Xbox One

    Update: Error correction, as Videogamer confirmed that Second Assault will be available immediately when Battlefield 4 launches for Xbox One on November 22nd. Original article: Fans of the upcoming a

    Posted 9 years ago 18

  • The First Five Minutes of Burial at Sea

    The cities of both Rapture and Columbia in the BioShock series are filled with mystery, beauty, deceit, and memorable characters. With the latest DLC that is to come to BioShock Infinite, we get to t

    Posted 9 years ago 22

  • Dishonored GOTY Edition Launch Trailer

    We told you in a previous story about the Game of the Year edition coming for Dishonored, Arkane's hit game of stealth and stabbing in a steampunk world. In addition to the original game, the GOTY ed

    Posted 9 years ago 17

  • Deal of the Week: October 8th, 2013

    This group of licensed games gets a 50% discount across the board in this edition of Deal of the Week. You could probably get some of these Games on Demand offers cheaper at a physical retailer, but

    Posted 9 years ago 95

  • Constant C Coming to All Markets

    Last month we announced that Constant C, a platformer by International Games System, was set to arrive on XBLA in Japan next year. In a new announcement, it has now been confirmed that the game will

    Posted 9 years ago 13

  • US Deal Roundup for October 8th, 2013

    Amazon - Splinter Cell: Blacklist $39.99 - The Bureau: XCOM Declassified $39.99 - Saints Row IV $44.99 - Pre-order Watch_Dogs and get the "Signature Shot" pack - Get a $10 credit when you

    Posted 9 years ago 19

  • FIFA 14 Patch Coming to Consoles This Week

    EA has released the patch notes for the fixes in their latest update for FIFA 14. The updates will be coming to consoles this week and will deal with several problems reported by fans of the game. •

    Posted 9 years ago 27

  • Assassin's Creed IV: The Tattoo Commercial

    I'm guessing everyone knows by now that Ubisoft's upcoming adventure Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is a pirate game. I'd also bet that most of us know there will be assassins and templars involved.

    Posted 9 years ago 12

  • Cabela's African Adventures Screens and Cover Art

    Activision has revealed the cover art and a couple new screens for its upcoming hunting title Cabela's African Adventure. The latest in the popular Cabela's series will be open world and story driven

    Posted 9 years ago 8

  • The Division Gets a Q&A

    As the launch of the Xbox One draws ever closer, gamers across the globe are eager to get stuck into the next generation of gaming. There is a lot expected of the upcoming console, and the question i

    Posted 9 years ago 11

  • Just Dance 2014 Review

    It's that time of year again, time for the latest installment of Ubisoft's popular booty-shaker. Just Dance 2014 hits the shelves this week. How does it compare to previous installments? http://www.t

    Posted 9 years ago 16

  • Deadfall Adventures Main Theme Revealed

    Have you watched all the Indiana Jones films back-to-back and still can't get enough? Do you own a PS3 and happen to have played through the Uncharted series? Do lost ruins filled with ancient artifa

    Posted 9 years ago 6

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition

    Warner Bros. Interactive and DC Entertainment have announced that the Ultimate Edition of their heroes-vs-villains fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us will be released on the Xbox 360 towards the

    Posted 9 years ago 16

  • Project Spark Water Effects & Adventure Game Video

    In a new developer stream for upcoming sandbox game creator, Project Spark, the guys at Dakota take us through the different water effects that you can bring to your game worlds, as well as some of t

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • TA Gaming Stats - September 23rd to 29th 2013

    This report is for the period September 23rd to September 29th 2013. Welcome, welcome, welcome to this, the Stats for the final week of September. This week we'll see how well 'that game' continues t

    Posted 9 years ago 10

  • New Pier Solar HD Trailer Released

    Before successful Kickstarters became all the rage, a game title Pier Solar HD was one of the leaders in crowd-sourcing for gaming projects. It's now been nearly a year since the game's initial revea

    Posted 9 years ago 14

  • Titanfall Presentation Video From EB Expo

    The EB Expo wrapped up in Australia over the weekend, and while most of you weren't in attendance, we still have some coverage to share. Abbie Heppe, Respawn Community Manager, takes to the stage to

    Posted 9 years ago 21

  • United Front Games Announces Triad Wars

    In a surprise announcement today, Developer United Front Games has confirmed the next game in the Sleeping Dogs universe is in development. They will once again be teaming up with Square Enix for the

    Posted 9 years ago 43

  • More WWE 2K14 Entrances Make Their Way To The Ring

    After taking the weekend off, WWE 2K14 is back to get your week started with six more entrance and finisher videos. Weighing in at a combined 1,454 pounds, here are your challengers. http://www.youtu

    Posted 9 years ago 6

  • LEGO Marvel Superheroes Q&A, Panel, and Screens

    The newest instalment that is to come to the LEGO franchise sounds like it is going to be the biggest one yet. There are a multitude of heroes that you will be spotting throughout LEGO Marvel Super H

    Posted 9 years ago 9

  • Battlefield 4 Bootcamp Video Released

    As we reported recently, the multiplayer beta for the hugely anticipated FPS, Battlefield 4, has now gone live. To help players get the most out of the beta, EA have released a Battlefield Bootcamp v

    Posted 9 years ago 9

  • XBLA Wednesday: October 9th, 2013

    This week's XBLA releases include a Kinect title that is sure to get everyone moving at your next house party. Meanwhile, you'll be hoping that the Orcs in Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion don't move

    Posted 9 years ago 10

  • Retail Releases: Week of October 8th, 2013

    Skylanders looks to capitalize on the weekend crowd with a rare Sunday release. This makes sense since children (a key demographic for these titles) normally have to go to school during the week and

    Posted 9 years ago 8

  • SmartGlass Innovations For Next-Gen Titles

    It was announced quite early on that SmartGlass would be heavily integrated into the gaming experience on the Xbox One, and we were given some early examples of what we could expect to see with the i

    Posted 9 years ago 11

  • Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion New Character Clip

    Not so long ago, we were introduced to a delightful young fellow named Lord Poop from upcoming XBLA title, Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion. With the release date rapidly approaching, the folks over a

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • Another Skin Pack Coming to Minecraft

    The first Battle and Beasts Skin Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition went over so well, that they've decided to release a second one. Below is a sneak peak of some of the skins you'll see in the Bat

    Posted 9 years ago 21

  • Free-Spirited Kiara Profiled for Powerstar Golf

    So far we've featured the powerful Frank, the magnetic Reiko, and the magical Henry in the upcoming Powerstar Golf. The next character to hit the links is the artistic Kiara, who hails from Ireland.

    Posted 9 years ago 5

  • FIFA 14 Review

    With every new season football fans face a number of major dilemmas; do they buy a new shirt, renew their TV subscription, renew their season ticket, and do they buy the latest addition to the FIFA f

    Posted 9 years ago 26

  • TA Top Five: Time-Limit Achievements

    Gaming has always encompassed a certain connection to bragging rights. Many years ago, you would sit around with friends discussing which games you had finished (possibly with some exaggeration about

    Posted 9 years ago 196

  • Wordament Gets New Platform and Update

    Wordament is already one of those games that you would struggle to avoid. The free-to-play title is available on Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS and Now a fifth platform has been added to the

    Posted 9 years ago 59

  • EA SPORTS UFC Meets the Next Generation

    Marketing strategies tend to take all kinds of forms. Some games go with the minimalist approach. Others will drown you in with trailers and/or screenshots. The marketing strategy for EA SPORTS UFC?

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • F1 2013 Launch Trailer Is Here!

    Codemasters' newest addition to its popular Formula 1 racing series is now live. Welcome to F1 2013. I'm not even a racing fan, but this video makes me want

    Posted 9 years ago 8

  • GTA Online Title Update Released

    Rockstar Games' highly anticipated online adventures in Grand Theft Auto V were unleashed upon the world just a few days ago. Unfortunately, the players who eventually managed to gain access to the p

    Posted 9 years ago 160

  • Assassin's Creed Heritage Collection Announced

    Ubisoft has announced the new Assassin's Creed Heritage Collection, an anthology that includes the first five games of the popular stealth adventure series in addition to two DLC's for Assassin's Cre

    Posted 9 years ago 85

  • Rapture Before the Fall

    Irrational and 2K Games released new information today on the next DLC coming to BioShock Infinite - "Burial at Sea." In this latest installment (part one of two), Booker and Elizabeth leave the skie

    Posted 9 years ago 29

  • Disney Infinity Trailer Presents Jack Skellington

    Disney Infinity already provides a fairly large character selection through their collectable figurine line, but it doesn't hurt to add more. Fittingly, with Halloween just around the corner, the nex

    Posted 9 years ago 18

  • New Video for Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

    In a new gameplay video, Namco Bandai shows us some of the cool power-up abilities available in their highly-anticipated Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. By eating special power-up berries along t

    Posted 9 years ago 8

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts Trailer Details Squads Mode

    Big game season is just around the corner, and we're not talking moose-hunting. It's time for the publishers to show you everything they've got to offer and battle for your dollars. Even a series tha

    Posted 9 years ago 15

  • More WWE 2K14 Entrances and Finishers

    If you ever feel like there's a lack of gaming news out there this time of year, you simply have to look to the latest iteration in the WWE franchise, in this case WWE 2K14, to see a regular stream o

    Posted 9 years ago 15

  • Rocksmith 2014 Trailer is Colorblind

    From way back at its announcement, Ubisoft has promised that a host of new modes and upgrades would be available in its upcoming Rocksmith 2014 Edition. One of those modes is a Colorblind mode. Take

    Posted 9 years ago 12

  • Air Conflicts: Vietnam Trailer Released

    Recently, we've seen our share of screenshots from bitComposer Games and Game Farm's upcoming aerial combat title, Air Conflicts: Vietnam. This clearly means it's time to shake things up with a brand

    Posted 9 years ago 8

  • Deus Ex Heads Towards the Next Generation

    Some of you may already have heard about Deus Ex Universe. Square Enix registered the name on September 10th but little else was said, leaving many to speculate whether this will be the next game in

    Posted 9 years ago 40

  • Battlefield 4 Open Beta Goes Live

    Three days ago, the closed beta began for Battlefield 4. This was limited to Battlefield 3 Premium members or owners of the Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition. The exclusive period has now en

    Posted 9 years ago 23

  • Several Strider Screens Surface

    During the San Diego Comic Con this past July, Capcom and Double Helix dropped a happy surprise on us when they revealed that Strider would be coming to both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. The rest o

    Posted 9 years ago 16

  • Another Project Spark Dev Stream Released

    Sometimes, the best way to get people excited for your product is to show off people having fun with it. To that end, Team Dakota have put out a number of Dev Streams for their upcoming game-creation

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • F1 2013 South Korea Hot Lap Trailer

    Another weekend is drawing ever nearer and, as per tradition, that means it's time for another hot lap courtesy of Codemaster's latest entry in the F1 series, F1 2013. Looking at the current breed of

    Posted 9 years ago 6

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut Dated

    During E3 2013, Square Enix and Eidos Montreal confirmed that Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut would be coming to the Xbox 360. The new edition will integrate "The Missing Link" and "Tongs’ R

    Posted 9 years ago 26

  • The Bureau: XCOM Declassified DLC Detailed

    Though there were those who were somewhat wary of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and its take on the XCOM universe, it's safe to say that the game has generally been well received by those who have pl

    Posted 9 years ago 13

  • Kick-Ass 2 Announced

    The Kick Ass film franchise is not for the faint of heart. There's violence, blood, swearing, more violence, and extremely skilled little girls with purple hair. Recently, Freedom Factory Studios and

    Posted 9 years ago 42

  • Walking Dead Episode One Free On XBLA

    Attention gamers! TellTale has confirmed that The Walking Dead "Episode One" is definitely supposed to be free on XBLA and, if you haven't already played it, this is the perfect opportunity to catch

    Posted 9 years ago 67

  • Forza Motorsport 5 Introduces Two More Cars

    Last week we introduced just two of the cars that will be making their appearance in Forza Motorsport 5. The 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X GSR and the 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II brought the li

    Posted 9 years ago 9

  • Hexodius Coming Very Soon to XBLA

    Following the game’s announcement, news has trickled in for Hexodius, including early gameplay, trailers, a soundtrack preview, and more. If this buildup has garnered your attention in any way you ma

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • This Week in Windows Phone: October 3, 2013

    We have all of this week’s Windows Phone happenings rounded up for you in one tidy post. I must confess that this wasn’t our original intent but I left the TA office early yesterday and at that time

    Posted 9 years ago 27

  • Just Dance Song List Menu Revealed

    Ubisoft have pulled the curtains on an in-game selection menu from Just Dance 2014 which details exactly which songs will included in the game. The songs include a number of recent top hits, as well

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • Battlefield 4 Open Beta Overview Video

    The exclusive closed beta for DICE's eagerly-awaited Battlefield 4 is already well underway for those with access to it. Only one more day remains until the beta opens up to everyone. With this in mi

    Posted 9 years ago 41

  • Incoming Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend

    Starting on Friday October 4th and running until October 6th, Microsoft will be unlocking Xbox LIVE Gold for all users located in a number of regions worldwide. This means those that don't currently

    Posted 9 years ago 46

  • Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force DLC Dated

    ZEN Studios have announced the release date for their upcoming "Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force" themed table expansion for Pinball FX2 along with a new gameplay trailer. This pack contains t

    Posted 9 years ago 17

  • Magnificent Henry Waves Into Powerstar Golf

    Two new characters have been revealed for Powerstar Golf in as many weeks, with Frank and Reiko teeing up for action. Today, Microsoft has conjured up another character in the form of Magnificent Hen

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • Karaoke Gets Festivals in a New Update

    Karaoke may be a free app, but it's one that comes with a bunch of achievements and a promise to liven up a party. The app has just received its latest title update that brings along a new gameplay f

    Posted 9 years ago 9

  • Madden NFL 25 Presents the Next-Gen

    Madden NFL 25 has been available at retailers for a month now for the current generation of consoles. Now it is time to focus on the next generation. EA SPORTS has released the first next-gen Madden

    Posted 9 years ago 12

  • XBLA DLC Roundup: October 2nd, 2013

    As usual, the retail DLC for this week was released yesterday. For once, Wednesday is the day solely for XBLA DLC; in total we have DLC for two XBLA games today. None of the games add extra achieveme

    Posted 9 years ago 14

  • Blood of the Werewolf Inspired by Retro

    Blood of the Werewolf has a bit of a complicated history. The game was announced for multiple platforms, including XBLA, back in March. Then there was silence. Having missed its intended summer 2013

    Posted 9 years ago 9

  • Ghost Game Turns into The Garrick Arms

    I wouldn't blame you if you didn't remember Ghost Game. Scientifically Proven's first-person survival horror title was first revealed back in November 2011 with a hands-on preview. There were no scre

    Posted 9 years ago 22

  • NBA 2K14 Launches a Trailer

    Just 158 gamers have picked up NBA 2K14 since it released yesterday in North America. Admittedly, Australasia and Europe are yet to be able to get their hands on the game, but that's still a fairly l

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • Rocksmith 2014 The Experts Speak In New Trailer

    For fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of the upcoming guitar title, Rocksmith 2014 Edition, we have a few noteworthy news items. For those who have yet to start their Rocksmith career, Ubisoft have a

    Posted 9 years ago 11

  • Need for Speed Rivals Progression & Pursuit Tech

    Electronic Arts has unveiled details surrounding the progression and pursuit tech features in their upcoming Need for Speed Rivals for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Essentially players will be able to progr

    Posted 9 years ago 12

  • Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion New Clip Released

    As we were recently able to reveal the launch date for the upcoming XBLA title, Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion is rapidly approaching. Some of our community may well be wondering what could possibly

    Posted 9 years ago 2

  • Achievement Preview Spotlight: F1 2013

    F1 is on the minds of visual artists and racing fans everywhere between the release of Ron Howard's latest movie, "Rush", the final few races of the actual season, and the release of Codemasters' lat

    Posted 9 years ago 11

  • Bungie Announces Early 2014 Beta For Destiny

    Activision and Bungie have announced an early 2014 Beta program for those who pre-order the upcoming sci-fi epic Destiny from select retailers around the world. Participants in this beta will be able

    Posted 9 years ago 29

  • Sniper Elite 3 Teaser Trailer Takes Aim

    Announced in March to a warm reception from our community, Sniper Elite 3, the sequel to last year's melon bursting Sniper Elite V2 promises to deliver more delicious sniping action, as evidenced in

    Posted 9 years ago 19

  • Happy Wars Enters Wartober

    Did you know that Happy Wars celebrates its first birthday this month? No? Well ToyLogic are going to make sure that you remember this fact. Throughout October there will be new content additions, sp

    Posted 9 years ago 38

  • Halo 4: Game of the Year Edition Trailer

    While not many of us are necessarily happy about the advent of large amounts of DLC for a game, one good outcropping is that, if you're willing to wait, there will invariably be a Game of the Year ed

    Posted 9 years ago 45

  • Capua Seeks its Champion in Spartacus Legends

    Since its release back at the end of June, over 35,000 of you have started up the free-to-play title, Spartacus Legends. Now, a tournament has launched with the intent of finding out who will be the

    Posted 9 years ago 21

  • Activision Starts an XBL Sale

    The special Xbox LIVE sales seem to be making a return. Following on from last week's 2K sale, Activision takes its turn in the spotlight with a hefty discount on Games on Demand, Xbox LIVE Arcade ti

    Posted 9 years ago 91

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Patch Notes

    Fighting games characteristically have long lists of fixes when it comes to patches. This is due to the developers wanting to ensure that the characters are as balanced as possible to ensure fair fig

    Posted 9 years ago 9

  • New WWE 2K14 Gameplay Videos

    Today brings us a new WWE Universe Mode gameplay video for WWE 2K14, as well as the entrance and finishers for four more Superstars. Let's start first with the hard-core legend, the man with three fa

    Posted 9 years ago 10

  • Retail DLC Roundup: October 1st, 2013

    We have DLC releases for six Xbox 360 retail games this week. None of the games add extra achievements to their list but four of the games have region exclusive DLC. Any XBLA DLC that is due to be re

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • Deal of the Week: October 1st, 2013

    This week's Deal of the Week theme is Action and Adventure with five XBLA titles receiving a minimum of a 50% discount, the highlight of which is Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition which is available for l

    Posted 9 years ago 53

  • Shantae: ½ Genie Hero Gets An Additional Campaign

    Thanks to additional funding for WayForward’s Kickstarter project Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, a new campaign will be coming to the game. The second campaign stars the game’s antagonist, Risky Boots, at

    Posted 9 years ago 4

  • Mighty No. 9 Reaches Funding for Xbox One Release

    Mighty No. 9 has reached a milestone of mega proportions, speeding through the Kickstarter stretch goal to bring the this spiritual successor of Mega Man to the next-generation. That’s right, Mighty

    Posted 9 years ago 18

  • Defense Technica Gameplay Media Shoots In

    It's safe to say it's been a while since we've heard from Kuno Interactive about their upcoming XBLA tower-defence game Defense Technica, with the last piece of news being the announcement of the rel

    Posted 9 years ago 8

  • US Deal Roundup for October 1st, 2013

    Amazon - WWE '13 $19.99 - Dead Space 3 $19.99 - Xbox 360 E 250GB Console $249.99 - Xbox 360 250GB Spring bundle $249.99 - Pre-order Watch_Dogs and get the "Signature Shot" pack - Get a $10

    Posted 9 years ago 20

  • Grand Theft Auto Online Storms the World Today

    After waiting so long to get our excited mitts on Grand Theft Auto V, having to wait another two weeks for GTA Online couldn't have been that bad, right? Well now that wait has paid off, as Rockstar

    Posted 9 years ago 161

  • Get Your Feet Wet With Battlefield 4's Floodzone

    One of the new multiplayer maps in Battlefield 4 is 'Floodzone', an environment that can change drastically if the surrounding levy breaks. The levy is ready to burst but it still needs some explosiv

    Posted 9 years ago 24

  • UK Deal Roundup for October 1st, 2013

    Welcome to another edition of the UK Deal Roundup. In the aftermath of the release of Grand Theft Auto V a fortnight ago, the UK Deals return to their usual format. The Epic Deals at GAME help to rec

    Posted 9 years ago 7

  • NBA 2K14 TV Spot Briefly Flashes Next-Gen

    The following TV spot for NBA 2K14 largely focuses on cover athlete Lebron James, but does include a short montage of gameplay running on next-generation hardware. Have a look for yourself. http://ww

    Posted 9 years ago 3

  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Pirate Heist

    It seems like pulling heists is all the rage these days; Ubisoft Montreal have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, titled "The Pirate Heist". We have met

    Posted 9 years ago 25