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Introducing DLC progress share images

When we were doing Community Development Month, we launched our Game Progress Share Images. Today, we are releasing a way for you to share a dynamic image of your DLC progress for any DLC you've played.

Posted 2 months ago by Harrison Todd 45

Site Feature: Game series sorting options

Today we bring you improvements to our Xbox Game Series lists, with new ways to sort and filter the list based on what you've played most or which series have the highest scores.

Posted 8 months ago by Rich Stone 40

Site Feature: Walkthrough improvements

We've added achievement unlocked indicators to our walkthrough achievements lists, as well as page completions and a way to add your own personal notes for each walkthrough.

Posted 8 months ago by Rich Stone 127

Site Feature: Total play time by platform

You can now see your total time played for each of the platforms that we can track time information for. This has been added to the stats pages and the Platform Summary panel.

Posted 8 months ago by Rich Stone 69

Site Feature: Download custom achievement unlocked images

Two weeks ago, we launched personalised achievement unlock images — today, that feature gets even better, with the ability to easily download these images, and have them auto-shared to Twitter when you start or finish a game.

Posted 8 months ago by Rich Stone 26

Pro Feature: Reduce account syncing frequency

Pro account holders can feel at a disadvantage when competing in site events and contests due to the frequency of their scans. Today, we've add a setting to rectify this.

Posted 8 months ago by Rich Stone 46

ICYMI: Every TA Community Month new feature so far

Yesterday, we crossed the halfway point of our Community Month, which sees the mad lads on the TA dev team delivering a new site feature every day in March. With two weeks left, let's take a look at the improvements so far!

Posted 8 months ago by Luke Albigés 19

Introducing game progress share images

Following the success of our Achievement Unlocked sharing images, today we are launching a way for you to share a dynamic image of your game progress for any game you've played.

Posted 8 months ago by Rich Stone 54

Site feature: New achievement flag filter

We've just added a much-requested site feature to achievement list pages — you can filter achievements based on the flags that they do not have applied

Posted 8 months ago by Rich Stone 51

Introducing your own personalised news feed

Building on yesterday's site update, you now have your own personal news feed! Just the topics you follow, full of just the news you care most about.

Posted 8 months ago by Rich Stone 38

Site Feature: Gamer Notes

The TrueAchievements community is generally a very helpful bunch of gamers, and now you can make notes on any that you want to regularly boost with, or even avoid.

Posted 8 months ago by Rich Stone 50

Site Feature: Base game and combined DLC stats panels

You can now see the amount of achievements, Gamerscore, and TrueAchievement score in base games, and all DLC as a group, and estimated completion times for a game including all of its DLC.

Posted 8 months ago by Rich Stone 121

Site Feature: Host transfer for Gaming Sessions

Sometimes you are hosting a gaming session and something crops up that means you can't make the session and you need a replacement host. This improvement aims to help with that...

Posted 8 months ago by Rich Stone 66

Chart your Xbox journey so far with #Xbox20 Milestones

To celebrate 20 years of Xbox, the TrueAchievements dev team has been hard at work cooking up a successor to our ever-popular #MyXboxStory infographic. Introducing... #Xbox20 Milestones!

Posted 11 months ago by Luke Albigés 131

Our official site review scores are changing (a bit)

We have made the decision to slightly adjust the scoring system for our site reviews, and will now be doing away with decimal places as we shift to traditional out-of-ten integer scoring.

Posted 1 year ago by Luke Albigés 135

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Contest Sports Leaderboard now live

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can win one of five Xbox Series X consoles simply by unlocking achievements in select Xbox Game Pass sports titles. As Microsoft doesn't have a leaderboard system in place, we've set up our own!

Posted 1 year ago by Sean Carey 37