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Game of the Year 2022 voting round 6: Tinykin vs. Temtem

Game of the Year 2022 voting returns once again, this time with a battle between two sets of colourful critters — will shrunken adventure Tinykin or sprawling Pokémon-alike MMO Temtem emerge victorious?

Posted yesterday by Luke Albigés 24

Halo turns 21 today, but which game is best?

Halo: Combat Evolved launched on this day 21 years ago, giving the original Xbox its killer app right out of the gates. Bungie's landmark FPS spawned a series that came to define Xbox, but which title is the best?

Posted 22 days ago by Luke Albigés 121

Poll: Was Deathloop worth the wait?

After what felt like a terribly long wait, Deathloop finally stopped being a PS5 console exclusive this week and was released on Xbox Series X|S... but was it worth the wait? Let us know in this week's TrueAchievements poll!

Posted 3 months ago by Sean Carey 148

Poll: When do you think GTA 6 will launch?

Grand Theft Auto 6 has been in the news quite a lot lately, with both official and unofficial sources discussing aspects of what Rockstar has in store for its next open world crimefest... could a new GTA be closer than we think?

Posted 4 months ago by Luke Albigés 97

Which fighting game series should come to Xbox next?

Xbox is in a better state for fighting game fans today than it has been since the genre's Street Fighter IV-fuelled Xbox 360-era renaissance. Still, there's always room for improvement — will one of these be next to throw down?

Posted 5 months ago by Luke Albigés 109

Poll: What is the best Star Wars game on Xbox?

It's Star Wars Day, and we are looking to settle a debate. No, it's not whether or not Han shot first (he definitely did, poor Greedo) — we want to know: What is the best Star Wars game on Xbox?

Posted 7 months ago by Sean Carey 123