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Introducing DLC progress share images

When we were doing Community Development Month, we launched our Game Progress Share Images. Today, we are releasing a way for you to share a dynamic image of your DLC progress for any DLC you've played.

Posted 3 months ago by Harrison Todd 45

Announcing Bean Dive 2022

The annual TA Bean Dive event is back... prepare to wave goodbye to your completion percentage, then later enjoy the thrill of working back up to your original greatness. You can do this... probably.

Posted 6 months ago by Beanpotter 90

Site Feature: Walkthrough improvements

We've added achievement unlocked indicators to our walkthrough achievements lists, as well as page completions and a way to add your own personal notes for each walkthrough.

Posted 9 months ago by Rich Stone 127

Introducing game progress share images

Following the success of our Achievement Unlocked sharing images, today we are launching a way for you to share a dynamic image of your game progress for any game you've played.

Posted 9 months ago by Rich Stone 54

Introducing your own personalised news feed

Building on yesterday's site update, you now have your own personal news feed! Just the topics you follow, full of just the news you care most about.

Posted 9 months ago by Rich Stone 38

Site Feature: Base game and combined DLC stats panels

You can now see the amount of achievements, Gamerscore, and TrueAchievement score in base games, and all DLC as a group, and estimated completion times for a game including all of its DLC.

Posted 9 months ago by Rich Stone 121

TrueAchievements: The story so far

We were far too humble to include TrueAchievements in the "20 Moments that defined Xbox" series, but we thought you might be interested in how we became the biggest Xbox site on the planet...

Posted 10 months ago by Rich Stone 187

TA Winter Olympics 2022: Final three events now live

We're now a week into our latest community contest, TA's Winter Olympics 2022, which means it's time to reveal the final set of events — which of these will see you going for gold?

Posted 10 months ago by Luke Albigés 8

Xbox Leaderboards for 2021: How did you do?

We've collated every TrueAchievements member's achievement wins during 2021 and built all of our usual score type, platform, and genre leaderboards for your enjoyment.

Posted 11 months ago by Rich Stone 81

Chart your Xbox journey so far with #Xbox20 Milestones

To celebrate 20 years of Xbox, the TrueAchievements dev team has been hard at work cooking up a successor to our ever-popular #MyXboxStory infographic. Introducing... #Xbox20 Milestones!

Posted 1 year ago by Luke Albigés 131

An update on TrueAchievements' Cheat Policy

We have updated our Cheat Policy to include some clarification around mods in games that affect achievements. Please familiarise yourself with the new rules.

Posted 1 year ago by Rich Stone 756