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Everything coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2022 and 2023

Xbox Game Pass announcements tend to be made at short notice, but some publishers love to share news of their titles coming to the service well in advance. Here's every upcoming Game Pass game we know about...

Posted 5 hours ago by Heidi Nicholas 23

Hogwarts Legacy gets 2023 release date

Hogwarts Legacy developer Portkey Games has announced that the magic-filled halls of Hogwarts won't be welcoming us as students until February, thanks to a delay.

Posted 6 hours ago by Tom West 18

Rainbow Six Extraction goes dark with Eclipse Crisis Event

Rainbow Six Extraction is now holding its latest time-limited Crisis Event, Eclipse, and it brings with it a brand-new Operator, stealth-focused gameplay, as well as the return of content from the previous Crisis Events.

Posted 7 hours ago by Tom West 2

Commandos 3 HD Remaster achievements spotted early

Fan favourite stealth/strategy game Commandos 3 is getting a makeover and heading to Xbox Game Pass soon, and we've got some early intel in the form of the remaster's achievement list. [updated]

Posted 8 hours ago by Luke Albigés 14

Saints Row drops gameplay overview

We've almost reached Saints Row's August release date, and the devs are prepping players for what's to come with a new gameplay overview trailer.

Posted 10 hours ago by Heidi Nicholas 19

Indie oddity Ynglet ditches crazy ARG achievement for Xbox

We've picked up the Ynglet Xbox achievements for the quirky indie game's launch today, and there's one achievement missing compared to the Steam list... one that purports to require a trip to Denmark.

Posted 2 days ago by Luke Albigés 15

Cult of the Lamb review round-up

Cult of the Lamb brings its cute and creepy mix of dungeon-crawling and base-building to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S tomorrow, and the reviews are starting to trickle in — check out what's being said...

Posted 2 days ago by Heidi Nicholas 17

Inkulinati confirmed to launch into Xbox Game Pass

The Inkulinati team has confirmed that its upcoming turn-based strategy game, in which you wage wars over the pages of medieval manuscripts, will join Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on day one.

Posted 2 days ago by Heidi Nicholas 10

Stalker 2 team shows off mutant Bayun

International Cat Day handed out another excuse for the internet to rave about feline friends, with the Stalker 2 team taking the opportunity to unnerve us all with its Bayun mutant.

Posted 3 days ago by Heidi Nicholas 7

Marvel's Midnight Suns delayed again

Marvel's Midnight Suns has received another delay, with publisher Take-Two expecting Firaxis' tactical RPG to release sometime before March 2023, to ensure the team can "deliver the best possible experience."

Posted 3 days ago by Tom West 31

Xbox Game Pass First Impressions: Turbo Golf Racing

Turbo Golf Racing blasted down the fairway and into Xbox Game Preview this week, offering up a turbo-charged experience for up to eight players on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Game Pass. Here are our first impressions.

Posted 5 days ago by Tom West 24

Xbox Series S set for performance improvements via new dev tools

Xbox Series S owners can look forward to games potentially looking and running better in the future, as Microsoft has released a new version of its Game Development Kit that opens up additional memory for developers to use.

Posted 7 days ago by Luke Albigés 44

Hitman 3 brings flower power in August

Hitman 3's August roadmap has been revealed by IO Interactive and it brings with it a month full of flower-themed events, a few changes to the Elusive Target Arcade, and more. Here's what we know...

Posted 7 days ago by Tom West 116

Two Point Campus review round-up

Two Point Campus launches into Xbox Game Pass next week, and the reviews are starting to trickle in — check out what's being said...

Posted 7 days ago by Heidi Nicholas 16

Two Point Campus gets silly hat-filled launch trailer

Two Point Campus will be opening its doors to students when it launches on Xbox next week, as well as joining Xbox Game Pass, and Sega is already prepping us for the new term with this fresh launch trailer featuring silly hats.

Posted 8 days ago by Tom West 7