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By The TA Playlist Team,
As you relive the same 12 minutes over and over in January's TA Playlist game, Twelve Minutes, we ask you to leave your chaotic little apartment in order to vote on the game you want to play to for February!

For February, we're going against the common Valentine's theme and are going for those that are feeling left out. Each of the four games we have nominated has been nominated before, but they each placed third in their respective months. Therefore, all these games are third wheels, so we're giving one of them the chance to be a real winner and get the love they deserve!

Which game will get that chance?

Guacamelee 2

Guacamelee! 2

Guacamelee 2 is a Metroidvania/platforming game developed by DrinkBox Studios and originally released in 2019 as a sequel to Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition. It originally came third in the poll for September 2021, behind Wolfenstein: The New Order and Portal 2.

You reprise the role of Juan Aguacate, the protagonist of the first game. In Guacamelee! 2, you start with a simplified version of the first game's final confrontation with the world-rending Calaca, leading into the true ending where the luchador Juan successfully saves the life of El Presidente's Daughter, Lupita.
Seven years later, the two are married with children, with Juan having grown out of shape. Juan's mentor Uay Chivo appears to tell him the entire "Mexiverse" is in danger. Another luchador, Salvador, has become corrupted by the power of his mask and now wishes to collect three relics so he can access the Sacred Guacamole and become all-powerful. It's up to you to stop Salvador from collecting the three pieces and save the Mexiverse.

Guacamelee 2 holds a high 4.21 out of 5.00 rating here on TA, and a full completion would require 15-20 hours of your time. It's been started by just under 37,000 site users and completed by a mere 1,326 (around 4%).

It is currently available on Xbox Play Anywhere and will take you an estimated 15-20 hours to complete the base game, with 2-3 more hours in the DLC.



BioShock is the second nomination, having come third in December 2019, behind the Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2. It is a first-person shooter game and was developed by Irrational Games and was originally released way back in 2007 on the Xbox 360. It then saw a remastered version released in 2016.

BioShock is set in the 1960s, in the vast underwater city of Rapture, designed by business magnate Andrew Ryan as a place to escape from all forms of political, economic, scientific and religious authority.
You play as Jack, who gets brought to Rapture after his aeroplane crashes in the ocean. Rapture was intended to be an isolated utopia, but with the discovery of ADAM, a genetic material that can be used to grant superhuman powers, the city began to change, as did those who were living there.

BioShock currently holds a huge 4.69/5.00 community rating on TA and has been played by over 96,500 members, with the Xbox 360 version sitting at over 260,000 members. 6% have completed the remastered BioShock, with that increasing to 11% of the 360 version. It'll take you a projected 15-20 hours to complete.

As always, if BioShock wins, popping an achievement in any edition of the game will count towards playlist participation. This includes the original game, remastered game and any of the regional variants of Bioshock that you may have.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park: The Stick of Truth is the penultimate choice for February, having come third in March 2019, behind LA Noire and Recore. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment and originally released back in 2014 on the Xbox 360, this RPG was also remastered for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and released in 2018.

In The Stick of Truth, you are the New Kid, who arrives in the town of South Park, Colorado during a time of great unrest between the Wizards, led by Wizard King Cartman, and the Elves, led by High Jew Elf Kyle, as they battle to control the mighty Stick of Truth.

As you adventure throughout the town, you'll join with many of your favourite characters, including Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman, to uncover all sorts of hidden plots and Easter Eggs, all while battling a huge range of opponents during turn-based combat. You'll also come across some incredibly well-named achievements, the kind of which you could only get away with in a South Park game.

South Park: The Stick of Truth currently sits at a community rating of 4.52/5.00 on TA. Over 43,000 people have played it, and over 4,500 have completed it. These stats increase to over 105,000 players for the Xbox 360 edition, with 11,500 of those having completed it.
The completion should take you an estimated 15-20 hours, and while there is a walkthrough onsite for it, it's currently in the process of being rewritten for clarity.

As with BioShock, if South Park wins, popping an achievement in any edition of the game will count towards playlist participation.

Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat Achievements

Our fourth and final pick is the physics-based game Human Fall Flat which was developed by No Brake Games and released way back in 2017. It came third in March 2020, behind Untitled Goose Game and Goat Simulator.

Human Fall Flat is an open-ended puzzle/platformer that relies heavily on the use of physics to control the player character, Bob. You must grab objects, climb up ledges and ultimately solve puzzles in order to understand his mysterious dreams, which is a lot easier said than done.
As the puzzles become increasingly difficult, you'll find yourself facing greater and greater challenges, all while trying to reach the door that will allow Bob to progress and also for your to grind away at some achievements.

Human Fall Flat is sitting at a community rating of 3.54/5.00 on TA with over 205,000 players, 2% of which have completed it, which takes an estimated 8-10 hours, which roughly doubles when the DLC is also taken into account. The completion is relatively straightforward, but for any tips, tricks and annoying achievements, there is a great walkthrough onsite written by iTz Canada Ehh
It is available on Xbox Game Pass.

Let us know which of these third-wheelers is your favourites and vote on the one you'd like us all to be going love to next month.
Which game should the community play for February 2022's TA Playlist?
  • Guacamelee 210.29% (201)
  • BioShock41.15% (804)
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth28.35% (554)
  • Human Fall Flat20.21% (395)
We've had 1954 responses.
The TA Playlist Team
Written by The TA Playlist Team
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