Poll: When do you think GTA 6 will launch?

By Luke Albigés,

Grand Theft Auto 6 has been in the news quite a lot lately, with both official and unofficial sources discussing aspects of what Rockstar has in store for its next open world crimefest... could a new GTA be closer than we think?

GTA 6 news seems to be ramping up somewhat, both through leaks and rumours from various sources, and through official references to the game. This week, Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick stated that the next GTA would "set creative benchmarks" not just for the series but for entertainment in general, and last month, Rockstar revealed that it was downing tools on major Red Dead Online updates in order to focus its attention on GTA 6.

Meanwhile, other recent reports have brought up Rockstar downscaling the number of planned protagonists and cities, development being slowed by internal reform, and the possibility of GTA 6 having two main characters and a Miami-based setting. So for this week's poll, we want to know: When do you think GTA 6 will launch?

GTA 6 development is "well underway"

Grand Theft Auto IV ~ HeroArt

With so many delays lately, it doesn't seem likely that something on the scale of a new GTA would be imminent, but you never know — Rockstar is full of surprises, so there's no way of knowing when we can expect to see its next game until the studio comes out and tells us. In the meantime, we thought it might be fun so see what the TA community thinks... will Rockstar be ready to drop its new Grand Theft Auto game as soon as next year, or is this one still a long way off? Let us know in this week's poll, hit the comments to talk us through your logic, and have a great weekend!
When do you think GTA 6 will launch?
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