As Sony pushes back against paid platinums, should Xbox follow suit?

By Luke Albigés,

PlayStation has been hit by a wave of 'paid platinum' games recently, and Sony is taking steps to reduce visibility of these effortless completions in the store — should Microsoft do something similar on Xbox?

Sony's PlayStation platform has seen a sharp rise in the number of games that exist purely to spit out trophies, often arriving with a bunch of regional and console stacks for multiple platinums that typically involve nothing more than tapping or holding a button. Now, as reported by our sister site, TrueTrophies, it seems Sony is starting to push back against these titles, filtering them out from the main store pages and even outright removing one particularly brazen example, Press X for Trophies, from sale. Is it time for Microsoft to take a harder stance on games which are little more than paid achievements before we reach the same bleak endgame?

Do achievements and trophies need better regulation?

Obviously, the situation on each side of the fence is a little different. While easy Gamerscore on the Xbox side mostly takes the form of very simple games and lists frequently bolstered with title updates to boost them as high as 5,000G for minimal effort, the same approach wouldn't work as well on the Sony side. Developers can't add more than one platinum trophy per game, so instead tend to opt for multiple lists for different regions and platforms (games with PS5 and PS4 versions always have separate lists on PlayStation) in order to offer more plats. In addition, the games themselves over there have reached lows that call their very definition as 'games' into question, with no more substance than tapping or holding a single button to get the completion. Things aren't that bad on Xbox yet, but concern is mounting that something similar could be in store if the situation is left unchecked.

Sony's move to reduce visibility of modern-day classics like The Jumping Nuggets and The Pig D may be a little heavy-handed, likely causing collateral damage to indie publishers just trying to get their regular games noticed on the store. But as the surge continues, something clearly needed to be done and while only a band-aid solution, many would argue that it's at least a step in the right direction. So, does Microsoft need to start being stricter with achievement guidelines to avoid the same thing happening over here, flooding the store with screensavers that have achievements? Let us know what you think!
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