Posted by TrueAchievement on 06 Sep 2022
How did you complete the Burnout Paradise Remastered Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by TestRewards on 06 Sep 2022
A video guide for this quest is available here:
Posted by Cheezatino on 06 Sep 2022
Possible to do this without achievements popping?
Posted by VOODOO85 on 07 Sep 2022
Looks like this should be possible without popping any, just dont repair a vehicle, don't win events (which will earn you a class D license achievement) and quit out once the quest pops on first takedown. Will await confirmation though or try it on dummy account first to be safe
Posted by prakkero on 07 Sep 2022
Works just like he said, done this quest twice now and no cheevos popped yet.
Posted by FallenOyster473 on 08 Sep 2022
For those who don’t want to watch a video, to get a take down you first enter a “road rage” event. This event’s location is the dark oval spot on the map, which is near the starting point. Once you are in the right place you enter the event by pressing RT + LT. Once you are in the event you simply smash into another car and total it. You only need one for the quest, and getting ONE should not trigger a cheevo.
Posted by Darth Pinhead on 09 Sep 2022
Or... you could just play the game, because it's just a lot of fun!! I 100%'d the achievements on the 360 version... this one will be easier (and there's no DLC to purchase - it's all included)!smile
Posted by Dadmix on 10 Sep 2022
Thanks for the txt guide. I really don’t like this game

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