Posted by TrueAchievement on 06 Sep 2022
How did you complete the Wolfenstein The New Order Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by Flipy Fliperson on 06 Sep 2022
I previously completed this game and decided to jump in at the asylum. The quest popped while I was skipping the cutscenes. Didn't have to make a kill.
Posted by TestRewards on 06 Sep 2022
A video guide for this quest is available here: 😊🏅
Posted by prakkero on 06 Sep 2022
Also previously completed the game, so I loaded up the submarine level and killed about 20 enemies and quest wasn't popping... checked the game pass app a few minutes later and the quest HAD in fact popped at some point.
Posted by Ryphyz on 07 Sep 2022
If you haven't played this before and don't want to unlock anything, make sure you start a new game on the easiest difficulty option.

Once you enter the gunner seat of the plane, just don't shoot at anything to avoid the "Gunner" achievement.
On normal difficulty not shooting down any planes would make you fail the objective, but on the easiest one, the game will progress anyway.

You can then proceed to complete the quest when you kill the mecha dogs from the turret.
If it doesn't pop immediately, just wait for a bit, no need to go kill more enemies.
Posted by Taxicr on 07 Sep 2022
Can confirm that choosing Asylum and skipping the cutscene popped the quest if you've beaten the game already.
Posted by GhostDivision V on 08 Sep 2022
I have 100% the game but the quest doesn't pop even though I've killed 20 enemies, any suggestions?
Posted by geebheart on 09 Sep 2022
Played 3 chapters on normal, lotz of kills and nothing pops up, done with this 1 😕
Posted by GhostDivision V on 09 Sep 2022
It did pop now, I played on asylum, got one kill, restarted checkpoint, got another kill then the quest popped.
Posted by Bizetto666 on 11 Sep 2022
Não consigo fazer essa solicitação,tô quase terminado o jogo e nada da solicitação,já matei uns 500 caras

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